Turn your dreams into visions

Turn your dreams into visions,

When I was asked to write an inspiring blog on my dreams and aspirations and what helped me grow, I honestly drew a blank. I envisioned my future filled with creative experiences that I’d love to look back to and learn from again ,when it’s in the past.

My passion and my full time profession never coincided, and probably never will. But I prefer to keep my profession and my pursuit of influencing, which is my passion, separate. Why? Because that keeps things simple for me and that’s what keeps me at peace. Having a foot in both sectors doesn’t tear me apart but makes me content knowing that I pursued both.

You do not have to stress yourself with all the conditions and WHATS and WHYS and HOWS. You have a vision? Great! That’s a good start! Find what inspires you, makes you feel like you want to be in that person’s shoes. Follow that. But sew your own shoes.

I used to work full time in an IT firm before I got married and came to the US. I was never the kind of person who could spend time idling away. Not that I disregard those who do, in fact I envy those people. They don’t worry themselves with random thinking like me.

I spent the Initial days splurging on clothes, makeup, shoes, food , basically anything new and interesting that I laid my eyes on . I used to share all my ventures on Instagram and I was amused at the response I got from people. I loved sharing about qualitative products and brands ,our travel ventures so it could be of use to someone else. The satisfaction of knowing and comprehending that someone actually took your suggestions and benefited from it was immense. That’s when I got my direction.

Being grateful brings abundance of joy and happiness in your life.

I started writing on random topics, and would get appreciation from a few friends, not many. I was happy. Let’s face it, we all like attention. But I’ve always been taught to be grateful for whatever little or more we have. I practice and preach that to everyone. Even if I saw only one visitor to my blog, it’d be an absolute joyous day for me. In a world of population more than I wildly know, at least one person took out a few moments of his life and found my blog read-worthy, that was huge for me. Being grateful brings abundance of joy and happiness in your life. Always be grateful for what you’re blessed with. Your happiness shall grow ten fold. That’s my most important advice that I’d suggest you to take.

What does success mean to you ? A whopping number of followers or good content or numerous likes or applause from people? Now that Instagram is the platform in trend, this is based on that. When the world moves to a different platform and gets bored with Instagram, I’ll ask again. 😉

For me my personal success in a creative vision was realizing what I wanted to share and how. Not speaking of my other aspirations in my professional sect. Success to me is the peace and contentment I get after sharing a good story for the day, be it a blog or an Instagram post or an Instagram story. Again I’m speaking of success in terms of my creative work. My aspirations in corporate world better be left for another day, which I’m not going to bore you with.

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Success to me is my husband’s pride in me, my family’s love and support no matter what I do, my friends’ affection, positive or negative criticism and most importantly the belief that I CAN and I WILL. Confidence and patience is the key, that’s what paves the way, everything else will fall into place at the right time. Along with that a humble attitude is the biggest asset of an artist, one if acquired wins you hearts.

Coming to my blog, i have not, and will not limit it to any particular genre. It shall feature my travel ventures,beauty, lifestyle, fashion, sarees and everything else I’m fond of and find interesting and worth sharing.

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I’ve always wanted to promote the heritage and culture of India, even more so after moving to the States. Thanks to Instagram for providing me with inspirations in the form of some amazing ladies who share the same motive as I do. I am amazed at seeing the world being taken over by this widespread love for our culture. A beautiful amalgamation of our roots and fashion is being depicted so perfectly by so many. It’s a beautiful sight. I take strength and motivation from others too.

Keep an eye out and ears open, motivation can come in any form. Everyone has so much to share, so much that can be helpful to you, knowledge is never ending and our thirst for it can never be quenched.

Do not try to be anyone else, you’re a pretty perfect version of yourself. Those who like you will stick around, learn to let go of those who don’t. That’s what kept me going and kept my spirits high.

Bringing out the best in me, facilitating creative development and growth are few of my aspirations to name. And peace and contentment are my metrics of success. Imitation isn’t going to get you anywhere, your OWN thoughts, no matter how random and simple you might think they are , are definitely going to get you to a place where you can stand tall , look back and smile and be proud of what you’ve survived and achieved.

I can only share what I’ve learned, through YourDreamTale who gave me an opportunity to do so with you all, but everyone’s life follows a different path, has a different story. They’ve got to figure out what works for them. Guidance and help is always available, you just have to look in the right direction.

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Dreams are meant to be fulfilled, like stories are meant to be told. There is no time for regrets or for ‘what could have been‘. Any moment you decide to pursue your dreams, is the RIGHT moment. It’s never too late, never too sorry.

Your happiness lies in your hands, as does everything else, what you need is the willpower to conquer.

Enough said, until next time. 🙂

Rashmi Mishra

I’m a creative blogger and a fashion enthusiast having roots in India, based in the United States, best utilizing my break by doing what I love. An explorer of new trends, culture , places, people and an admirer of wit and creativity.

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