The Bittersweet Taste of Tamarind

Tamarinds – when you hear that word, which image forms in your head? A sweet and sour candy which is a gift from mother nature. But there’s more to it, so much more… like the reminiscence of your childhood! Let’s go back to those days, shall we?

Picture this, as I take you to stroll through those raw streets of your hometown. That villagish place according to today. That quiet village where rustling leaves bring you an unsolicited peace. You’ve gone there for vacation. You’re young and spending time with your grandparents. And later that evening, you are watching some tamarinds hanging on the branches, you definitely want to eat them. You would either throw stones or climb up there to grab them. But the fun isn’t just there – you know the most enjoyable and memorable part? It’s not just that blast of endorphins which tamarind bought you with an explosive sour taste.

But It’s also when the neighbor from whose farm you stole it, was watching you do it all along. They were getting irritated, and yet, enjoying it at the same time. And the next moment, they come out and scold you in fake- anger but would laughingly let you take away another bunch of tamarinds to gorge upon. Yes, those happy days are truly connected to your favorite and yet a forgotten candy – Tamarinds!

As I painted that vivid picture, did it take you there? Back in the lane of nostalgia?

Do you think by any means, can you experience this thing in one congested city where smiles are all plastered and air is so polluted? No. You know, this memory isn’t just about the fact that it connects you to nostalgia. It’s also how you were once lucky enough to experience life in its purest and happiest form! Those happy bygone days which are now in the hands of the yesteryears.
In these fast paced and stressed days of city life, where barely get to witness such innocent encounters which can put a smile on your face.

Then, why do we call them as bittersweet? You tell me – how would you feel about such days which hold the power to put a smile on your lips and feel deeply peaceful, while on the other hand… they can make you shed bitter tears in that same moment.

Oh! I know you so want to bring them back to life! Trust me, we all do. Wonder how you can make it happen? Grab a box of those delicious tamarinds and a mouthful of bite shall be enough! And then, all those by gone days shall travel back and hit you in that very minute. Don’t trust me? Then you’re sure not ready to open that Pandora’s box full of memories. Go buy one for yourself and gift yourself some happiness, I mean, you surely deserve it.

Kirti Changlani

Heyy there! I am Kirti Changlani. I am Author of "A Life, Less Ordinary" & "The Search For Belonging"
Being a kiddo at heart, I'm also a poet, nature-lover, reader, blogger and a content writer. You can find me on:-
Instagram: @kirtichanglani.
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