Life in 2020

Life in 2020

As the year 2020 started, no one would have wondered that anything like this can happen in life. Literally, nobody would have ever dreamt of Covid-19. By God’s grace, I & my family are safe. But in this situation what really gets affected is the mental health of a person especially seeing the news and things happening around in life. COVID cases are increasing very rapidly. 5 months have passed but things haven’t become better. The whole world is suffering, God is testing our patience & will.

When the lockdown got started I was very disappointed since recently my post-graduation was completed.
I was excited to do a job, got a few jobs offers before lockdown. But then this lockdown happened and it was necessary as well. Seeing the scenario first I tried to make an atmosphere at home positive & peaceful.

We should remember ‘Today is better than yesterday’. This will help in the long run in life.

My Lockdown experience has been an interesting one. I started reading good positive articles, which really changed my mindset. I am still following these things in my daily life.

Once I wake up in the morning, I thank God for another day in the life, we should be thankful to God and our Parents. Have a feel of gratification in life.

I worked on an educational platform during the days in lockdown which taught me that earning money is not that easy, so we should be thankful to our parents for giving us a good life.

I have many hobbies such as sketching, designing, blogging, singing, dancing, fashion, music, etc. I never thought that I would be so creative in fashion blogging. I learned to present myself in the days of lockdown. Being at home, I started doing creative every single day. I earlier didn’t take fashion blogging seriously but when I became serious about it the number of followers started to increase. People started appreciating my skills. You know even in this one of the toughest situations of life this kept me happy. My page grew and now has around 1400 followers (@vogue_aish).

I became a fashion, beauty & lifestyle influencer for many people. I learned that family support plays a major role in life. Since I am a certified Jewelry designer, I improved my skills in designing through online classes being at home.

I have always been a family-oriented person so being in this situation was not that difficult for me. I learned to make new dishes at home and used to happily let everyone eat & let me know that they loved it or not. I observed if we help our parents it makes them smile. Little – little things bring the change in the atmosphere of the house.

I am happily spending my life at home. At the end of the day, I write all the happy moments that happened in the day. We shouldn’t waste our precious hour which is the ‘Golden Hour’ in a day.

I read good articles before going for sleep. It helps in better sleep. You won’t believe I sleep by 10 PM. People these days have become very addicted to mobile phones & the Internet. There should be a limit since it’s not even good for our eyes. We should turn off our wi-fi and sleep. It will really improve your sleep cycle, trust me.

COVID situation has really affected each & everyone’s life. It has impacted my life as well. I would have moved out and worked & would have lived a wholly different life. This situation gave me a different life than what I dreamt of. In the end, I am happy with what I have been attaining day by day in the life. I have become a consistent fashion blogger. I collab with brands and also do a product review. I also joined ICICI Prudential in July and I recently got promoted. I am trying to manage both in the best way.

We must learn that we should never say no to any opportunity. Life is a long journey. Explore yourself so that you stay busy & happy at the same time.

Aishwarya Raj

Hi, I am Aishwarya Raj, I am an MBA, certified Jewelry Designer, very fashionable yet simple. I am a fashion blogger, my blog is basically based on personal style, fashion, and lifestyle.

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