Inspiration is within yourself just sit back and find it

Inspiration is within yourself just sit back and find it,

Hello people,

Note: I am not good with writing and this is my first ever attempt to do so. So, i ask for apologies for the mistakes in advance.

I’ll briefly introduce myself to you guys. I am Harsh Khaitan. I hold a PGDBA degree from Symbiosis Pune and currently i am into my family business. But, as i have a keen interest towards fashion i have recently started fashion blogging. You can visit my page on Instagram- @mr.khaitan

Dream is something which does not have an expiry date. Being from a middle class family i never had any dream in particular. In childhood, as many children do i also loved playing cricket and wanted to be one of those. Never had a thought of setting a goal and trying to achieve it. The problem with middle class family is that all your dreams and goal are viewed in terms of money. Quick success with minimum efforts. Until standard 10th i used to live in a small town in Jharkhand. During those days getting just 1 rupee was a big deal. As I grew up, I started developing interest in the field of fashion. I used to style in a cool way etc.

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Post 10th std, after shifting to Surat my dad starter pressurising me that we don’t have money, u will have to study blah blah. In-spite of having interest in the field of fashion I was asked to pursue Chartered Accountancy. I just entered the vast crowd and started dealing with all the pressure. As it was giving me joy, i failed a lot of time in cracking my exams. With every attempt i was pressurized saying that you have to study, if u will not pass then who will take care of the family, from where we will earn and many more. After putting a lot of efforts and many attempt i didn’t cleared my CA exams. I was so pressurized that many a times i thought of suicide.

My constant support system is my mother.

Struggle makes you strong. You don’t necessary need a godfather to achieve success every time. I overcome my struggles and shortfall with the help.of meditation and yoga. It helped me be more positive and made more calm and composed. My constant support system is my mother. She is the one who supported me in all my decisions. She believed me throughout. She was the one who asked me to start my business. She fought for me with my family.

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But i do believe that everyone should do what he/she loves besides all odds. It’s your life and you have to deal with every situation coming your way. I tried my best to cope up with my situation. The only thing that helped me during that phase to stay calm and positive was “Meditation”. I started blogging as a part time hobby but now i am into it full time. And also i have a business of my own. Inspiration is within yourself just sit back and find it.

This is my real life story and not an inspirational one.

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