How to fuel your dreams with your failures

How to fuel your dreams with your failures,

What do you feel whenever you fail in something? Frustrating!! Right??

Just like every other person, I’m also one of you who had failed a million times in a million different things.

But have you ever thought of embracing your failures and learning from it?

I want to share my story of embracing my failures because I think it can help you in some way.

During my school days, I always wanted to be a doctor or scientist as most of the kids. But somewhere in the journey, the idea of being an interior designer got into my mind. However, I ended up being an electrical engineer.

After graduating, I applied for a lot of engineering jobs and government jobs. I attended every exam for which I was qualified, but didn’t crack even one of them.

I’m so glad that I decided to follow my passion and trust myself when no one else was.

I was taking coaching classes, preparing for exams without realizing that I wasn’t putting my heart into it. I was forcing myself to get a government job because my parents wanted me to pursue a secure career as I can settle well in my life. It’s not like they were pushing me to do something that I didn’t love. It was because they wanted me to lead a happy and successful life while even I had no idea what I love to do.

I loved writing greeting cards, making notes with colorful pens, organizing it, creating pictures out of my notes, and trying different styles of handwriting since ages. But I had no idea that something called calligraphy even existed.

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One day while scrolling the internet, I found about calligraphy unexpectedly. From then on, I started doing calligraphy in my free time as a hobby. I enjoyed calligraphy, and along with it, I started doodling and sketching.

Meanwhile, I was still struggling to get a job and was failing again and again. I was so frustrated and upset with myself for not cracking any of the exams. I watched my friends settling in life, fulfilling their dreams, traveling, and having fun which made me even more distressed.

Everyone started asking about my job and marriage, and it made me uncomfortable in meeting people. I hide from others because I was so afraid of criticism and judgments. I thought it would be embarrassed to talk about my emotions and failures.


Gradually I started expressing my emotions through my art. I started posting my sketches on social media. Little by little people began appreciating me, and it made me feel inspired. I had a bunch of friends who supported me to sketch and create more.

Within one year, I realized that it isn’t the incompetence which made me fail in exams multiple times; it was my apathy. Engineering wasn’t something that I loved pursuing, but I forced myself to stick to it because I spend my precious years and my parent’s money to learn it.

To whomever, I told that I want to be an artist; they advised me to pursue art as a hobby while working as an engineer. I was so confused and afraid of others opinion on me, deciding to pursue something which was poles apart to my graduate degree.

Finally, after shedding a ton of tears, I decided to take a leap of faith and be an artist.

Initially, every other person I met was judging me, and I used to cry a lot about the criticism. But gradually, I pushed myself to be my authentic self and stick to my decision.

My parents had no idea where I was heading in my life. They were a little upset with me when I finally confessed that I couldn’t be an engineer. But they gave me the time to figure out myself how can I make a living through my passion.

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After months of research and learning myself new things, I finally launched my online store in August 2019. Along with calligraphy, I started watercolor sketching, doodling, and blogging. I launched my blog last year and got so many good responses.

I’m so glad that I decided to follow my passion and trust myself when no one else was.

I’m so grateful that so many people reach out to me reading my blog and seeing my arts. I can’t express enough how happy I feel when they relate to my stories and get inspired.

I learned one of the biggest lessons in my life through my failures. If you fail in anything, it doesn’t mean that you are incapable or unworthy. It just means that either you should try harder or you should redirect.

The failures I faced during my exam preparations redirected me to the career that I love pursuing, and the shortcomings in my creative career made me more observant and hardworking person.

It’s okay to be confused and not figuring out what you want to be in life. One day you will realize what you love doing and how to reach your goals. All you have to do is accept your failures and learn what it is teaching you. Maybe you have to redirect, or you have to work harder.

No matter which direction you take, there will always be a room for you because you are unique and the world needs you.

Nayana S Kumar

Hello, my name is Nayana S Kumar. I'm an artist and blogger from India. My passion for art made me a creative and entrepreneur, even though I am a graduate in Electrical Engineering.
I started blogging in 2018 and launched my business in August 2019. You can find my designs on various products like apparel, coffee mugs, phone cases, mouse pads, interior decors, and more.
I create my artworks and blog posts inspired by my experiences, the people around me, and the places I have been. My goal is to inspire and make people happy through my creativity and bring some value to this world.