How to get peace in your life

how to get peace in your life,

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How do we get peace in our life?

Peace is the really heavy words nowadays. Leading to the generation many people are into negativity that’s really not good in this beautiful world.

People will not change themselves because the first way which leads to positivity by changing you. First change yourself then the whole world will change.

If they are worried about something, they will drink alcohol because they think that alcohol gives them peace. This is bullshit, they couldn’t know if you go to the religious place automatically you will be in peace and solitude.

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The 1st great step to peace is GOD and there the surrounding you are dealing with. Because if you are good with people they will be good to you. It’s not like give and take; it’s like bondings with people.

“Do good with no expectations”

God will revert back with the good things for you. If you are not finding any good surrounding around you, Trust yourself and trust god; you can do wonders. Because we live once; Cherish your peace with a great love.

Be optimistic about your future. Don’t be so worried or scared to the future because in everyone’s life hurdles come, problems come. So do hard work and be in patience you will achieve what do you wanna achieve in your life. Many people get into depression and anxiety what will do in our life it’s not that. Everything is possible; nothing is impossible in life.

Cherish your peace with a great love.

Just believe in yourself. You are one in a million; just have faith in god. Cherish your peace with a great love.


There are many ways to deal with peace:

How to get rid of bad relationships & be in peace?

Just leave it to god because god make the bondings & love. Just wait for the right time & you will get your soulmate. If you are dealing with so much of problems choose a right path & leave or just breakup because if you are alone you will know your worth. Shit happens but dealing with that shit is a real challenge.

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If your deeds are good and you are in peace, God will do good for you & accept that; be grateful for that.

Keys to Peace:

  1. Know your worth
  2. Have faith in GOD
  3. Be good with others with no expectations
  4. Just prove yourself first
  5. Don’t do bad thing which lead to distractions
  6. You are doing good; just know that

Peace Out !

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