Trust yourself and move towards your dream

Trust yourself and move towards your dream,

Hey! I’m Madhurima Srivastava. I’m a 19 year old girl, born and raised in a basic middle class family in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. I have studied in Mount Carmel College until I completed my 10th grade. Speaking of the phase, I was a fat kid seeking for everyone’s validation about everything I did. I had the least knowledge about carrying myself as a priority and in a decent way. I always did what I was told would do good for me by others. There was no trace of self love and self validation in my life. Around me, my friends were having relationships, they had all the possible attention from everywhere and then there was me, an average student, ignored by almost everyone either it being my teachers or friends. And I thought maybe it’s my fault, maybe I’m not good enough. I started doubting myself.

After completing my 10th grade, I changed my school and I went to R.L.B , here unlike Carmel, pupils were very much into studies more than they participated in cultural activities. I have no other option but studying, scoring good and being eligible for the best colleges for my further education. I knew this was coming. Since, the entire place was new to me, making friends seemed like a task but it wasn’t. Not a week and I was very much indulged with almost every student in my class. I was doing good in my academics as well, and therefore my class teacher trusted me as a group leader for the class. There were instances like these that started building up my confidence. It was in 12th grade, when I knew that I wanted to pursue fashion designing. But then, my father disagreed and advised me to pursue bachelor’s degree in commerce. Without arguing, I agreed with him. But then, fashion was always in the back of my head. And then, I went through “Kirtika Khurana‘s” instagram page. For those who don’t know her, she is a lifestyle blogger and a YouTuber from Delhi. I came to know that there is fashion blogging I can do, for self satisfaction of being in my desired field.

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After spending few days on the internet, I came to know everything I needed to start a blog. Without wasting a day, I created my blog, asked my younger sister to help me with the pictures and the next day I wrote an entire blog and shared the pictures on my social media. People never knew this side of mine and everyone started talking. People use to come and tell me that ” this person said the field is not meant for you” , ” you should lose more weight if you want to do this ” . Not forgetting to mention, I was also body shamed by my ex school mates. Indian relatives are never a step back from humiliating you in front of everyone. My father was not doing well with his health at the time and this very close relative of mine blamed me for his ill health. Can you imagine? What has my pictures to do with my dad’s breathing issues?
While everyone was telling me I’m not meant to be here, there were these two people, my mom , my brother and my best friend supporting me throughout and telling me that I’m doing great. If you guys are reading this, I want to tell you that I love you the most and thank you so much for being there when no one was.

I haven’t reached my milestone. But, it is everyday I achieve something.

Initially I never knew this can also give me monetary benefits until this local brand from Lucknow approached me regarding a collaboration. With passing time I entered my graduation and also I explained my dad regarding what I was doing. Undoubtedly he supported me with my decision.

It was then, when I was told I’m not worth it and it is today, where brands like Soch, Flyrobe, Bewakoof, etc have approached me regarding collaborations.

It was then, when I was humiliated and it is today where the same faces tell me they are proud to see me growing.
It was then, when I seeked everyone’s validation and it is today, where self validation is prior for me.

I haven’t reached my milestone. But, it is everyday I achieve something. Either it being a total stranger messaging me that they like my work or a brand approaching me for a collaboration, it’s my achievement. I am still learning and growing and I will never stop doing that.
To me, my family and my best friend’s support were my pillars and they still are.

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If you are reading this and you want to do something in your life but you are hesitating to take that first step, hold on to your parents, trust yourself and move ahead. That one step is all you need to take to move towards your dream.

I am committed to work harder and make everyone who has trusted me and in my dream proud.

If you want to have a glance at my work the links are:

Love and power to all of you! ❤

Madhurima Srivastava

Hey, I am Madhurima Srivastava. A 19 year old, highly optimistic about life, fashion and lifestyle blogger and a student from Lucknow. My blog link goes like and you can find me on instagram by my username .

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  • This is amazing. I love reading these kind of stories as it inspires me to grow my inner self. You are such a strong and beautiful human being. I love how you never gave up and kept trusting yourself with the support of your family. You are awesome!

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