Ansuman Bhagat inspiring the youth by his book “Your Own Thought”

Ansuman Bhagat, who has been in the news for a few days now, and his book “Your Own Thought” are receiving appreciation from people of India as well as other countries. Recently his book received praise from the Honorable Raghubar Das Ji, former Chief Minister of Jharkhand. He says that through this book a person can give a better and new look to his life with a positive feeling in his life, which will serve as a direction for the youth in the future. This meaningful effort of Ansuman will inspire the youth. Apart from this, the book of Ansuman and his style of writing, the U.S.A Los Angeles actress Mishka Tarkar and Lebanon’s Yashmina Khalifa also appreciated.

Nowadays people are using social media too much for their entertainment, in the same way, in the race, writer Ansuman Bhagat is making the youth and all other people aware of their motivational ideas so that people can change themselves with good thoughts. Because there is no medium for good thinking, it can come anywhere and by keeping active in social media along with books, Ansuman Bhagat keeps his thoughts.

He connects with people mostly through posts on WhatsApp and Instagram. His followers continue to give their own feedback. Ansuman Bhagat thinks that good thinking can be put anywhere. It is necessary to just walk with the times, the more he works on books, the more he connects with people through digital social media, many people are influenced by the views of Ansuman and contact him and many people ask questions that help to receive. Author Ansuman helps in all possible ways how to reach good things to people and how much people can learn more from them.

This is the reason why he comes in the lists of bestsellers books even at such a young age. Ansuman Bhagat is now known as a young motivational writer. His hard work and good thinking have made him stand up to the point that everyone knows him.

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