If you have a dream, you shouldn’t have excuses

You define your own life,


I am Dr Grishma Dessai. I feel incredibly lucky to live by the beach in Agonda, South Goa and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery and I am also a Hatha Yoga teacher. I have recently started with organic lifestyle blogging on Instagram @anahat_unstrcuksound and I am looking forward to growing it.

I am little too fond of plants and always believe that the power of healing lies in nature. I am often asked why am I so obsessed with plants and how it all started. Well, I have these two strong reasons for developing this ever-growing love for plants. First and foremost reason is my mom, I have grown up in this environment having palm trees and beautiful flowers in our garden and she would spend her evenings gardening and that she is totally blessed with green fingers. Also she made me understand how I should take the responsibility of the plants I buy and not merely get fascinated.

The second reason is very unusual, as most of the girls read fairytales and start dreaming about their prince charming since then but in my case, it was the “lettuce and other beautiful plants from Rapunzel storybook” that left a great impact on me. My mom would get me these beautiful books and I would just stare at those plants and wish for having them or going into their world of fairy tale where its all rosy and beautiful. Again from the other books like Snow White and Red Rose, Thumbelina, Frog and The Princess, Cinderella etc it was always those green meadows that fascinated me more than those princesses.

But the strongest impact so far was indeed by those big beautiful heads of lettuce plants from the garden that belonged to the witch from the Rapunzel story by well-loved tales. I love gardening; It grounds and connects me with nature. It is peaceful and rewarding.

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I don’t have an inspirational story to share but I would like to discuss two phrases I believe in totally. So I see many people around me who aren’t either happy with their jobs or students who are investing their time in useless activities. And this is for everyone who is confused with their lives.

I love gardening; It grounds and connects me with nature. It is peaceful and rewarding.

Always remember “Life is what you make it”, So if you have a dream you shouldn’t have excuses and it will not be a dream anymore, you will definitely achieve it. So believe in yourself, have gratitude and work hard for it. Second phrase is “Work without Monday blues” and how do we achieve this? It’s very simple, being passionate about whatever we do. So if you have passion towards something, that means you have immense love for it, and that you are not simply fascinated about the job profile, money or work status; don’t do it because somebody else is doing it. If you do so you will never be happy with your life or you will not be able to continue it for a long time and then you will keep wandering.

So it is of utmost importance to understand your passion and make your passion your profession.

Whatever I am doing right now in my life is what I am passionate about and trust me I love my work and it never feels like a burden. My day starts with an organic breakfast followed by some photography of the same for my blog then spend some quality time in my garden and I leave for my work at 12pm.

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I work as anatomy, mantra and yoga for health teacher for a renowned yoga school called “Shiva Shakti Yoga” and it’s more than a happy place. I meet people from all over the world and have amazing colleagues and most importantly I am growing there as a person every day without having Monday believe in your self and never stop dreaming and chasing your passion.

Dr. Grishma Dessai

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  • Beautifully written my girl,

    I know you love nature and always to be with nature .

    Go ahead my blessings are always with you ,love you and proud of you

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