Rachit Jadoun- A talented Sketch Maker And A Professional Tattoo Artist To Lookout For

Rachit Jadoun is a 21 year old professional tattoo and sketch artist. He is from Aligarh. Rachit’s father is a businessman & his mother is a housewife. Rachit was so fond of sketches from very small age. He started to make sketches only when he was 7 years old.

He was so dedicated & passionate about this that he even missed the classes & left the school just because he wanted to attend the tattoo classes. His enthusiasm towards his goal is making him what he is right now. He further shares that he wants to be a top tattoo maker and sketch artist all over the world. Rachit Jadoun also shares that he has gone through a lot of ups and downs during his journey of 14 years, But his immense hardwork, dedication, passion never let him quit on his dream. He said that his parents supported him throughout his journey.

His inspiration is Sunny Bhanushali, which keeps him motivated to achieve his goals. This hardworking 21 year old boy has achieved a lot during his journey. He has made sketches of many popular cricketers as well as actors such as Priyam Garg (Under19 captain, India), Rinku Singh (IPL player), Javed Ali(Singer) and many more. Body art to Indians isn’t new. We’ve been witnessing different forms of it since the beginning of the time.

Today, it has evolved to such an extent that it’s potential has no boundaries. It wasn’t more than 10 years ago, when there were only a few tattoo legends who were well established, setting benchmarks for all the newbies in the industry. And now, tattoo industry isn’t just about those legends and their styles but so many emerging artists with their own styles who are doing wonders time and again. 3 Years ago, Rachit started his own setup, And now he had his own tattoo studio in Aligarh itself. By looking his artistic skills, We can say that He could be the next big emerging artist, tattoo maker to lookout for. You can see the work of this young lad, given below-

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