Journey of Life: Pocket Full of Sunshine

Journey of Life: Pocket Full of Sunshine,

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My life journey is always full of roller coaster ride and honestly, I love it in the same way. My dream is to explore the world all alone okay let me tell you the secret of solo travelers that we are never alone on a trip our travel partner gets change along the way but we find partners in the complete journey sometimes my own shadow and many times a stranger who along a path become a family.

A solo travelers goal is not to travel just to see the scenery in the environment they explore the cultures, happy faces, the essence of a soil and aura around local people, each place has fernveh in its own way.

My bucket list is full of craziest things but with best, like bungee jump, giant swing and white water rafting in Rishikesh. Paragliding in bir biling. Treks all around the mountains of Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir Valley, scuba in Andaman and what not. That India has the best to offer me. 

My goal was to turn 22 in the paradise of earth “the Kashmir”.
My goal was to turn 22 in the paradise of earth “the Kashmir”. And am glad I made it. My journey to paradise started on 16 October from Bhopal, the lake city of Madhya Pradesh. And I was about to turn 22 on 22nd of October in Phelgham north Kashmir, surrounded by beautiful valleys and most happening people.

No goal or a dream is small or big it’s your passion regarding the activity, destiny and happiness you will get after completing it.
Samikshya Vijay in Kashmir
And indeed I was on the 7th sky when I entered in Kashmir Valley, and Kashmir welcomed me with sweet winter and waving a goodbye to spring. Apples and pomegranate on trees leaf turning yellowish or red. People carrying their winter wife with them.
An urge to feel paradise got the end, not while gazing mountains but when I sat with locals and had an opportunity to witness the worlds best hospitality.

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Indeed Kashmir isn’t paradise because of mountains or beautiful valleys its a paradise because of angel heart people. I planned a Kashmir trip just a week before and when I shared my plan with friends they started saying it’s not safe and you should not go there alone. But I pledged to have my birthday gift this time from Kashmir and I succeeded.
PS: Kashmir is full of angels not evils, and dreams are seen to live and I lived my dream of solo travel to Kashmir Valley. And suggest everyone put Kashmir in your bucket list as well cause it has a lot to offer.

Samiksha Jain

An energetic and enthusiastic person who enjoys living up to challenges and achieving personal goals. A critical thinker. an insomniac. a bibliophile and a solo traveller are some of the adjectives that describe me. I write to nourish the soul and takes a keen interest in meeting different people with different cultures I am a journalism student and passionate to work on women-centric issues. Besides directing I find handling Video Camera very challenging and never mind breaking rules if need be. In my leisure enjoys photography and pens poetry.


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