The Untold Dreams of Our Parents

The Untold Dreams of Our Parents,

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We get to know about our true dreams, life goals after a certain period of time. We start following our dreams and do all the hard-work, dedicate all our time to achieve it. Sooner or later everyone reach their destination and fulfill their dreams, ambitions.

But while growing up, at some point or other we tend to little bit upset with our parents as they always keep telling us what is right and what is wrong. Have you ever thought what are your parents dreams! If your answer is yes, then you are the most luckiest of few. But if your answer is no, then read this following short-story to understand how our parents dream only about their children and nothing else.

I was driving my car and was having conversation with my friend via Bluetooth earphone and suddenly a truck came in full speed near a steep turn; even before I could react it smashed my car and I got unconscious. I was hospitalized at some near by hospital and my parents been informed. Before few days ago, my mother scolded me as I had got very less marks in 12th. I was very pampered from my childhood, I loved to eat and watch television (I had memorized all channel numbers). But after that day, I got so depressed that I was thinking like I shouldn’t have born in the first place, my parents don’t love me any more. If I die, it wouldn’t affect anyone and everyone’s problems would be sorted out. Trust me these are the worst feelings ever anyone could go through it. I had stopped eating foods properly and stopped watching television. Coming back to the hospital, after initial operation; I was out of danger. Next day morning, I was bit conscious; for 2-3 sec I could open my eye and saw my mom was sitting beside me and waving hand-fan for me as it was very humid there and government hospital condition was not good at all. I heard someone was saying to my mom that you should take little bit rest as you hadn’t moved from here since yesterday. My mom replied how could I; when my life, my little one is in such pain and I can’t left her alone. At that very moment I wanted to hug my mom very tightly, but couldn’t as I had no power to talk too. One thing I have realized that day our parents love us deeply, unconditionally; they may or may not be showing it but all they had dream that their children should live happily, get settled in life and get matured enough to handle all type of problems.

Our parents sacrifice their own dreams for us so that they can give their full focus on us  and provide us guidance how to tackle problems, future possibilities..

Our parents sacrifice their own dreams for us so that they can give their full focus on us  and provide us guidance how to tackle problems, future possibilities, what is good for us and what is not. But we behave childishly and sometimes hurt their feelings. Still they never ever stop loving and caring us.

Try to find out your parents untold dreams, spend quality time with them. They have showered all their love, care on you from your childhood till date. Now its our turn to make them feel special; why to wait for only Father’s Day, Mother’s Day. Simple phone call, surprise visit would be enough for them to keep them happy and cheerful all the day.

Let me know your thoughts in comment section. Spread joy, spread happiness. 🙂

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