There is no substitute to hardwork and no shortcut to success

There is no substitute to hardwork and no shortcut to success,

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My Journey has been a roller coaster with lods of happiness, sadness, mixed; you can say kind of like masala chaat with some sweet chutney on it. I never had any sort of dreams but yes I always wanted to earn fame and money for my family; not by shortcuts but by hard work.

My life was devastated after my mom’s sudden demise. I felt like my life has scattered into bits and pieces, I didn’t know how to start it all over again because she has been the biggest support in all means financially as well as emotionally. I didn’t know how to gather everything; it wasn’t easy for a year and this all happened in 2016. And till 2017, I was trying to gather my courage. Between 2016 to 2017 was a difficult phase for me; I had lost my job, my friends cum colleagues who I had thought as my friends had stabbed me. I was in all negative state, crying while looking at my mom’s image and I had my dad’s responsibilities, but it was just bad.

God has always some interesting plan for you with a cherry on top

But at that time my mom-in-law you can say she is just like my mom; I wouldn’t call her mom-in-law but my mom and my husband they stood by me & my dad. And they allowed me to become how I was before marriage; a carefree attitude and here I am. My mom-in-law she knew I was interested into fashion, makeup and hairstyling. So once she just randomly asked me why don’t you do your hairstyling course with makeup and I was like not a bad idea mom but I took a halt and I just said no mom; I don’t want to do any sort of course because I didn’t want her to spent a huge amount on the course where there is no security of job placement. Then I thought an idea as my mom-in-law has been a professional fashion designer before marriage why not she again start her ideas of designing and we came up with the brand MJ and side by side she got me all the makeup products which would help me in just snazzing my creativity. So I made her my model and my self.

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I am just a ordinary working girl a job with 9 to 6 and in my 7 years of my career I was a Personal Assistant cum Client Servicing Manager with well known Brands but I was really bored doing Personal Assistant job and I was looking out for a change badly because I knew I have a caliber where I could market the products in my way, I could sell in market and that’s what I always wanted to do it in my career. But you need to have an post graduation degree for marketing from a well known institute which I didn’t have it at all and I’m just a graduate from Dubai University.

But there is a saying, “God has always some interesting plan for you with a cherry on top”. Once I had gone for this interview again for Personal Assistant role the interview went quite well for around 1 hr you can. So I had a hope that I’ll get selected for sure. I got a call from the HR Agency that too after a week that my profile isn’t shortlisted for the Personal Assistant role and I was like okay no problem but she just said hang on the Managing Director of the company wants to meet you and I was like why if I am ain’t selected then why does he wanna meet me and they said he feels like you would suit up for the role of marketing and that was it. I finally got it but still I was only 50% sure that I would get the marketing position for a start up and the next afternoon I had gone to meet him. Again it was an 1 hr meeting where he just mentioned I would want you to join our marketing team as a Marketing Manager and I was so so delighted that he saw the caliber in me and I got selected.

It’s been 10 months I’m working as a Marketing Manager for Square Panda India and it’s doing wonders for me.

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In all this I would just want to thank my mom-in-law Meeta Ramchandani who has helped me to grow professionally and My husband Monish Ramchandani who has been a strong pillar to me; So I can achieve my dreams and to support my dad. And yes, I want to thank my Managing Director of Square Panda India I wouldn’t mention his name that he saw the caliber in me and appointed me as a Marketing Manager.

Suggestion for others:

Follow your heart more than your mind and have  a carefree attitude and take risk. Don’t get scared what people would think. Have nothing to hide. Just don’t do anything wrong with anyone and don’t get scared of anything.

Thank You God for always putting a cherry in my life.

Jyotika Ramchandani

Hi I'm Jyotika Ramchandani, Marketing Manager by Profession working with Square Panda India and a new Instagram influencer in town
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