A warrior with a Pout

A warrior with a Pout,

Life is an amazing journey, the only thing you need to learn is how to survive this rat race. I am a Software Engineer, I completed my Graduation and was placed in an MNC straight after my last year. But as you know we never know what life holds for us in future.

In 2016 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis due to which I faced a lot of health related issues. But being a warrior I never give up. I worked as a software engineer for approx 2 years (My professional aspiration) and then I happily resigned it for following my Personal aspiration i.e Makeup Blogger.

Just living by the phrase “ No matter how rough the sea is, I refuse to sink”

Life has thrown unusual cards on me but I have turned them all into my Favour. When you are guided by the Holy Spirits you need not worry about the outcome, just keep your faith intact.

Just stay strong and you will achieve whatever you will wish for.

And today I can proudly say that I have achieved everything i have wished for. Welcome to my life full of adventures where no matter what happens I am always ready for it. My Almighty has made me this powerful, I am nothing without Him. All I am today is because of him.

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Lets hail the Holy spirit and that too with a pout. All you need is amazing Family and Friends and most importantly support from the Almighty and then there is nothing you can’t achieve. Just stay strong and you will achieve whatever you will wish for.

There few things to keep in mind if you want to achieve anything in life:

Stay positive : Keep a positive attitude that is the most important thing. Never say that it is too big for me to achieve, always say I can do it.
Never ever compare your life with others because you only know a part that they want you to know. Keep high Faith in God because He can turn every impossibility into Possibility.

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Never Aim low : Aiming low is a crime. Your mind is your biggest Slave; train it to win in every situation. Even if you loose learn from that failure.

There is always a lesson in every failure.

Priyanka Punj

Warrior with a Pout
Makeup? Fashion ?Lifestyle ⭐️ Blogger by choice
IT Engineer by profession


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