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  • Dare to dream! If you did not have the capability to make your wildest wishes come true, your mind would not have the capacity to conjure such ideas in the first place. There is no limitation on what you can potentially achieve, except for the limitation you choose to impose on your own imagination !

Dream one of the most powerful and an utmost essential driving force without which nothing can move in our life. This journey towards Dreams, and dreamland is designed (by God) to be filled with lots of challenges and obstacle. But all these are there to test us, to be firm, to help us become, stronger and to move with more power towards our dream. Such is the story of a village girl who has many dreams to achieve in her life…and she wants to make it big, bigger huge in life. A story which depicts how the power of her dreams, helped her to cross all the obstacles, all the challenges to make her realize what she truly wanted. The DREAM ITSELF ! A dream for which she left everything, A dream which couldn’t let her sleep in night.. A DREAM which demanded more than sacrifices, more from herself to become somebody than she really wasn’t or thought she ever could be !

The girl Asha was born in Odisha in a very small village called Jaipur. Having a girl child was still considered as a bad luck, an ill omen and for same reason nobody was happy with her birth. The myth according to tradition culture was (is) that the boy can only the take the family flagship to next generation. Being the first child of the family, there should have been lots of joy and celebration, but nobody was much concerned. The basic rituals were performed in a small gathering and people left in slight hesitation and disrespect on seeing a girl child. The people, the crowd the thought –“The girl will leave the place in some day, and further will not bring any money in the house rather lot of money will be spent on her marriage”- no need of big celebration. Her father was a clerk in tehsil and mother a home maker. He used to drink a lot and keep on wasting all the little money he had. A drunk middle class often bursts his anger and frustration upon children and wife and same was the case. His father use to physically abuse her and then scolding, beating, abusing violence – become a daily ritual ! She a little angel, the Gods own replica used to see and bear it with head, but use to forget it like a nightmare with full heart. The good thing in the kids born in middle class -no matter how situation be, the love & respect for parents never fades away.

She was phenomenal in studies and wanted to study in good English medium school but the society rules – high quality is not meant for girls, but for boys only. Her parents followed the same rule and she barred from getting a good education. She being a good student, started grabbing all in a rapid speed and excelled at every exam that came in front. An uncle living near to her home supported her in all the studies, he gave a firm support, became a guide a mentor for her ! Gradually people started liking her, and she became a well known person in the whole school. People appreciated her, loved talking to her and many wanted to be like her. But she never wanted to be like anyone, she had to create her own destiny and make the own road towards her dreams. She topped the studies, the school the quizzes the competitions, everything. There was lot of happiness and appreciation around her, everything going in a smooth rather perfect way outside, but inside there was darkness there was anger lot of agony which no one could see.

The little girl from her early beginnings became a victim of sexual abuse, by the people around, by close relatives and even cousins didn’t turn any stone unturned in the heinous crime. This went on for a long long time, and the girl kept it to herself, kept on suffering and without a word without any action bore all the pain she could, becoming stronger and weak at the same time. Then a day came when the pain was no more bearable, and she took all the courage, the strength to let it all come in front of her parents, to let them be aware of what she was going through and the volcano that was erupting inside her. And she finally did ! But Alas, the lower middle class mentality, and poor family, nobody supported her and nobody was even ready to listen to her conversation her agony the pain. The poor soul swallowed all the … and kept on going. Days went by, time kept passing and she took everything as a part of daily life now. It became just a usual ‘thing’ for there was no solution she could think of. Time went on, she grew up with all the challenges, joined a small college near to her village. Though the school didn’t have any proper education or teachers, yet she excelled there too and got many prizes. 

Once she received a small token a prize of Rs 1000 and it became one of the biggest achievement of her life. The first time the little girl gave some money to parents, a moment of pride for her, a moment of (breaking of old thoughts/belief/conviction) for her parents and the society.

The real challenge was not the family, but the outside world, the society which always poked her and her parents, stopping them from anything and everything she tried or wanted to do. Till school and Higher secondary things were fine, financials were under control. But for pursuing graduation, God had sent many obstacles to test her will to prove her mettle. There was huge financial problem at home and parents were not able to afford her further education. Neighbors, Relatives- the so called society again told her family not to allow the Girl child to study outside their region, the village; their conventional mind, the conventional thoughts –Girls are easy victim, and prone to bring disrespect for the family.” But as we know persistence of water leave marks on a stone too, leave aside other thing and God helps the needy ones. Her uncle, the mentor intervened took her side and convinced her parents to let her study in a good engineering college in the city with the support of Education loan.

And with a bag full of dreams, aspirations, lot of enthusiasm and excitement the girl left the village, with a promise that she will come back stronger & bigger, and have name, fame, money, success and will rise above the ashes !

College is a mysterious place sometime. You see different colors of the world residing in a small place, some dark some light some glittery, some very dull. And the beauty of this rainbow is that the color you pick, your life also become same color. The little girl for the first time saw many such new colors, and learnt to tune according to them. For the first time she bought a cellphone, a Samsung device, wore a jeans and tried to copy them. But for them the girl was bit weird, coming from lower middle class family from a suburbs wherein Hindi or English was hardly spoken, and for same reason her command was not good over these languages. This started creating some problems as communication is the key to relationship and trust and the other people started teasing her for everything including the language. She started ignoring everyone and became her own friend. Went to college and came back alone, ate alone, went out alone. She enjoyed her own company and focused more on self. But time and again she used to think about her parents, and use to cry for them alone. There were families who use to visit their children every month or every fortnight, and there she was miles away from the family, been so many days without seeing even a slight glimpse of them. Sobbing alone and then wiping her own tears as there wasn’t anyone any shoulder to lend to take shelter upon. She knew going back was not the option, she was not ready to go through the same problems again, not even in holidays or festivals. She used to attract lot happiness and one fine day love knocked her door, she accepted it with open arms, and fell in love with a guy in college. Life was much more beautiful thereafter.

After graduation, she planned to work in Blue collar job, the reputed banking sector, but got selected in a top IT Firm. She moved out of her state for the very first time. A bird was now set free into the open. Bit scared and worried initially, of how the outside world and people would be, and if she would be able to adjust and cope up with them with her little knowledge about people and other things. There was excitement, ecstasy, fear and lot many thoughts which kept on pounding for many days in her mind. Finally, she left for the job in a train, first time ever such a long journey, travelling for more than 24 hrs, crossing almost 5 states to get into the job, the wish, the dream.

Success is a formula, if you know how to become successful at one place, you can be successful at other places too.

She proved this with hard work and efforts, learnt to work in a corporate environment and transformed herself to cope up with the pace of the world. She even got an award for best Transformation amongst the global crowd, a moment of pride for the grown up girl now. With so much work and new things coming up, it became difficult for her to stay in touch with many of the friends, and same was the case with them. Corporate lifestyle while giving you so many things on professional front takes away lot many on personal front. Friends, people came and left, some with good heart and blessings and some gave good learnings. She was unstoppable, never cared much, and started talking to people from different culture and background and learnt many things about different cultures and traditions. She becamePrime donna in all the activities and people started admiring her for her work ethics and charming nature.

No matter how sad you are, happiness will some day find you, and make you its victim.

As a fact, reversal of this quote is also true. There were lot of challenges even after she opted a life of her own choice. After a while she found herself stagnant and stuck in the same company with almost no growth mentally or financially and decided to go for a switch. She decided and it happened within a short spam. And this time it was bigger company a better brand, and hence more expectations from the company. A company which achieved lot many things in small period of time and had a big reputation. But it was a glittery fairy story from outside, the inside of the company was like most other ones-hollow, money minded, business oriented, the one she hated the most. Coz her world was full of love and emotions. She was less of a business person, but more of love and compassion. This new company became even more headache for her, as it had a huge bench time (time period without allocation to a project). She didn’t get any project for almost an year, got transferred to a new city and then was again sent back to the same place..Internal Politics.. phew! Due to this her health deteriorated and she became weak and feeble. She decided to take a break, took leave for 2 months without pay, and went back home to comeback more stronger. Now the family understood their child was special, and they asked her to prepare for administrative exams like IAS and PCS. But she was fed up of any kind of job, and was not willing to work for someone else anymore. But money was a still a challenge to start something of own. After 2 months she went back and continued with her usual routine, waiting for some miracle to happen.

Where there is a will, there is a way and even God helps those who are willing to create their own destiny

Out of so many dreams she had one of them was to help people, to make them smile, to bring happiness in their faces. I believe this is one thing every person wish to do in some or the other way. The only challenge being how to do. In a world which is driven by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and which need everything at the tip of the finger, it becomes difficult for people to spare time for themselves or family- then comes the society, the charity the outside world, but not her. She wanted to open an orphanage, do some social work, help old age people. After joining the office her normal routine started, and with new things around she forgot many other things she had dreamt. But the will the obstinacy was there, the only thing require,HOW to do it. God again showed her the way, she met a guy in carpool accidentally while going back to flat, nice well spoken. The conversation started slowly with intro and basic stuff like what you do how things are and all. Initial it was some casual talks, but gradually he started asking about her aspirations, her dreams and what she really wanted to do in life. She was amazed and astonished, first time ever anyone asked her about her dreams, her aspirations and she had so much to say so much tell and so much to do. She couldn’t sleep that night and many more nights after that, thinking about her dreams her aspirations and the reality. She asked him to help her become successful, with whatever he was doing and requested him to make her realize all her dreams. As it is said, some people come in your life as a blessing and so did she found one of those blessings. He offered her the partnership of his Multi-millionaire Business and she was into the cloud 9.

Life is beautiful but not easy, it will always throw seeds at us, and it is upto us whether we eat the seed or plant it and wait for the tree to bear the fruits.

Challenges never left her and always put her in a trial to strengthen her and to prove herself her wit. After starting the business, she went to tell about it to friends and people around her. But they did not accept the fact that she had that much capability and that it was myth, there was nothing as rags to riches, they had one notion- poor will remain poor and rich will always be rich. Slowly her friends started laughing at her, mocking at everything she did and started making fun her in public places. They ridiculed her, disgusted her told her -how could she even think about doing business with such a mediocre mindset and coming from such a background. Many close friends stopped talking to her, even left and gave upon her. Her close friends avoided her and taunted to focus on Business not on friendship. She was hopeless and down.

Life is strange, it gives you example first and then teaches you the lesson.

But her coach, the blessing, her faith never let her down. He always supported her in any way possible, made her up cheerful, filled her with self-confidence and pumped in lot of motivation. She started focusing on self and the business and didn’t listen to any of her friends and continued with journey towards Dreams, because she knew this was the one and only one path where she could achieve all of them.

She started become successful in the business too, and achieved lot of milestone. In a very small tenure, she went abroad for her first international trip, a dream to board a flight, fly amongst and above the cloud and step into some foreign land came true. A spirit of a warrior and an achievement of lifetime. There were lot many milestones after that, but every milestone demanded some sacrifice. Some at professional level and some at personal. Her family and boyfriend insisted on getting married, and get settled. But she wasn’t ready. She had just tasted the success and was hungry and angry for more. Her life turned into a mission, a project where the end was her dreams and sufferings were many. But a fighter she was, never gave up and always trusted her instincts. She gave her best to make him understand that Dreams are more important and that she wanted him by her side during this journey, to support her encourage her as he had done so far. She asked for more time for marriage and requested him to wait for her. But he was not ready, and asked to choose between him and her dreams. There were no options for the ‘matured girl’, and she broke up with him, a 6 year healthy and lovable relationship. You have to sail from the seashore to find new islands, leaving behind bonds, bridges, people.. relationships !. The biggest sacrifice so far she ever did. Internally she was broken and in tears most of the time. People outside also started raising voices asking her questions, blaming her for everything, their voices, their thoughts- ‘Why you running behind money; You did a mistake by leaving such a partner; You have changed, and no more a good person; He was the man of your dreams, A perfect partner” ; But in her mind she knew if the guy couldn’t stand for her in her problems and understand her and her dreams, how would she be able to stay with him for lifetime. She started focus on the Business and her dreams, she was alone, depressed, sad but never thought of quitting. She was on mission, had many hopes, hear reasons and was in the pursuit of her Dreams, for there is nothing powerful than the man with Dreams and Dreamers know that they can they will they must !!

The struggles went on and success kept on knocking at her door, days after days, months after months, years went by and finally one day she became what she wanted and achieved all her dreams. She opened many Orphanages, did lot many things to improve the quality of education at her village and uplifted many people. Her parents shifted to one of the Metro cities and now are enjoying rest of life in a huge Villa. But for her the journey is still not over.

Success is not an end point but it is just a milestone, which keeps on changing once achieved.

Similar are Dreams, you achieve some and new again aspire to achieve new. She rewrote her DREAMLIST again, visualized them and started on the journey of challenges, new learnings, another transformation towards victory.

If a girl coming from such a humble background and beginnings and with so many rejections and failures and challenges, if she can make it huge in life, then what is stopping you .. Time to Introspect.. Time to Ponder !

Pallavi Joshi Mohapatra

Hello everyone, I am Pallavi Joshi mohapatra from Odisha... I am a Dreamer, an Entrepreneur whose DREAM is to touch MILLIONS OF HEART by my acts.. Want to change many lives.. My passion is to make people Smile, bring happiness in people's lives.. I love to travel, make handmade cards, interact with new people...
Currently working In Infosys, Pune also decided to be an Entrepreneur which is my long term vision. This is a small inspiring story I shared about DREAM .. Hope you will like it and suggestions, feedbacks are most welcome...


  • It was such a beautiful story rather i’d say it was such a inspiring story dt everyone should read to get lots of inspiration from it….being one of ur friend i m indeed proude of u…but its so sad to say dt a lot of data has been skipped and some of data has been manipulate and some characters were skipped whoes presence were immensely needed to completely describe ur journey…except dt it was really grt to read ds beautiful story…

  • It’s very hard to describe my feelings for this beautiful scripts. It’s just outstanding. It’s clearly signifies that nothing can be impossible if someone has strong will power which leads to confidence, then with a hard work it results success and happiness. It’s so insparing. Honestly speaking right now personally I am going through an important transition of my life. This really boost me to do as par as my excellence. So happy for you.. Feeling so proud of you. God bless you and keep doing this kind of excellent work. Wishing you all the best.

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