The day when my dream came true

The day when my dream came true

March 24, 2012….yes this is the very day when my life changed or rather should I say it transformed my overall personality from a cranky, short-tempered, silly, straight-forward girl to a mature, calm, patient, courteous and tactful individual. I was happy and content as I was so close to achieving my dreams and conquering the world.

YES CONQUERING THE WORLD… This might sound too filmy but for me its nonetheless than conquering the world. Sometimes I wonder that how many of us do get an opportunity to explore the world, to travel, to wander, to get to know about people, culture and places which you have only read in books. I would say only if you are born with a silver spoon in your mouth you can do this entire thing but as a commoner like me, it was like a dream too good to be true. And all this happened because I got a chance to work with World’s Best Airline QATAR AIRWAYS. Indeed the best airline in its truest form. Remember the date I mentioned at the starting of the article…Yes that is the day when I went for my interview.

To date, I am not a morning person but that day I woke up at sharp 5 AM. My Mom was shocked but knew how badly I wanted this job as becoming a Flight Attendant was my childhood passion. I quickly took shower, had breakfast, and started getting ready for my D-Day. I was too naive to put on the professional make-up and hair-do but ‘YouTube’ is my forever BFF. You get to learn so many new things from the make-up tutorials video. So, I try to follow all the steps and did my so-called professional Cabin crew make-up and hair-do. My parents were surprised to see the transformation in me and my mom said,’ oh my god, you already looks like a cabin crew’.

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I am very attached to my parents so my Dad sensed my nervousness and offered to accompany me to the interview venue. Somehow, I also wanted some mental support so I agreed to his proposal. The Interview was scheduled at 9 AM but as when you want to reach on time you will face heavy traffic, rain, and what not to stop you from reaching on time. After all the hustle-bustle we reached the venue late by 15 mins and I got scared after realizing that every other applicant already went inside the auditorium. Inform by an anonymous person who was standing outside the auditorium that the recruiter is showcasing some presentation about the company to all the aspiring applicants. I left my dad in the lobby and went inside the auditorium; I still remember the way everyone looked at me when I entered the hall as if they were telling me, OH Gosh!!! This girl is not going to get selected…she is so late. I ignored everyone and straight away went to the recruiter who gave me my applicant number and a form to be filled. She seemed to be nice even though I was quite late she didn’t give that fussy look. I took an empty seat and started following the ongoing presentation, it was more like informative audio -video about the company and the country QATAR which will be our base if we get selected today.

Sometimes and something in life, we have to leave it to HIM and the rest follows as it needs to be

Almost after 30 mins, the presentation ended and we were given a question paper which has three section – the first section includes a question about the company and the country QATAR, the second section includes about Simple mathematics and logical reasoning and lastly, the third section includes Communication skills where we have to write a composition about our most memorable day. We were given 45 mins to finish all these. After 45 mins we submitted our papers and were given a 30 mins break after which the results to be announced for the next round of interview.

After the break, all the applicants once again assembled in that big auditorium waiting curiously to know the results. One of the recruiters took a sheet in her hand and said that only 5 of the applicant out of 150 made it to the finals and they are ….as she started announcing the name of the applicants, my heartbeat increases rapidly and then I sank into the feeling of utter disappointment as my name was not in the list. After she finished announcing, all other applicants left the hall including me. When I came out my Dad saw me and instantly knew that I didn’t make it. He said its ok, there’s always the next time. Little did I know that the almighty always had a different plan for us. We got into a taxi on our way to home with my sad little face, just then I got a call from an unknown number, I received and I heard a female voice,” Am I speaking to Miss Shreya Jaiswal? I replied, yes, you are. Shreya this is Nancy from Qatar Airways, Sorry we forgot to announce your name that time, you have made it to the finals, and can you come back for your next round of interview. I was dumbfounded, totally flushed, don’t know how to react what to say. I just replied, I am coming back, Nancy.”

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We went back to the auditorium, finished my final round of interviews, a couple of weeks later. I received a mail saying,” Congratulations, You have been offered a job with Qatar Airways as a Cabin Crew”.

Sometimes and something in life, we have to leave it to HIM… and the rest follows as it needs to be…………

I Firmly Believe that ……………………

Shreya Jaiswal

Shreya caught the travel bug early and started seeking out ways to travel the World and as they say miracle happens and she got her dream job as a "FLIGHT ATTENDANT" and since then there is no stopping. Currently living in Abu Dhabi, Shreya aspires to become a travel & food blogger. Check out her Instagram profile @shreyas_._babble to see her wonderful journey of love, life, food and lust for travel.


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