Living the dream : Kitchen set by the street

Living the dream : Kitchen set by the street

My name is Alankrita Narula and my Instagram handle is – alu_ke_paranthe

Let me tell you a little about myself and Balaji Paranthe.

Like most people, I was a corporate slave too. Being in advertising for 13 years, life happened & the way it happens with most dreams, my dream of running a thela also took a backseat!

However, what I’m happy about is, the dream just took a backseat & never really left me. Since the time I was a kid, barring a few people, not many know I always wanted to have a thela and sell Paranthas! ?

Now is the time to live a life without any regrets!!

Now I know people dream of becoming rich & famous and my dream is nothing ‘in comparison’. But then, when have I ever been of the types to compare myself with others! And who is anyone to decide what we can dream of and what we can’t! ?

So starting this year, when a lot of things in my life, including my job, were not going as I wanted, a voice inside told me – now is the time to live my dream!! Now is the time to live a life without any regrets!!

Our happiness exists in our hands and only we can make it happen! I thought, if being happy is all I want, let me do something that will make me really happy!! And so, after weeks of research & groundwork alu_ke_paranthe @ Balaji Paranthe was born on 1st Feb, 2020 ☺










Every single day spent at the thela was the best day of my life!! I was living my dream! I’ve never felt more satisfied & content as I did being at my Thela! I met the most real people, made the most cherished memories and had most fun playing with my kitchen set by the street!! ☺

And then, 2020 happend! ? Corona came and like all good things, my Thela had to go inactive too.. Since then, I’ve been trying to post content from home to keep the page active!

The Thela must have come to an unexpected halt but all is not lost! The hope is burning & getting brighter by the day! So, within a few weeks, with lots of optimism & love from you all, I will start the Thela again!

Alankrita Narula

My name is Alankrita Narula. I was an advertising professional for 13 years and I left my job in the corporate field to chase my old cherished dream of selling Paranthas from a Thela.

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