Born and raised in small town,

Born and raised in small town

Hi I’m Anshika Saxena born & raised in small town Gwalior, MP. I do admit that there are certain advantages associated with big cities and especially with the availability of amenities, but growing up in small town has it’s own flavour, your entire colony becomes your family. If you bunk school for few days..your teacher drops in at your home to check on you, you don’t have to travel miles to attend classes or for work, you can get home early and enjoy time with your family than simply wasting hours by honking in traffic, you win a small competition or big you are in the papers and the entire town cheers for you. You grow up among people, who are grounded and value their traditions.

At the age of 14 ??‍? I decided to become a model. And trying to walk with the heels in starting it was so difficult I fall sometimes but I didn’t give up.

My mother and father always supports me for my dreams they never forced me to do anything. In school days I still remember that I wanted to be a doctor and that’s why in 10th standard I got first rank in class. But after 12th my interest section is transferred into modelling as this is my first childhood dream. After that I built up a confidence. Finally I decided to follow my dreams soon after my schooling without a support system to fall back on.

I never gave up on what I really wanted to do.

I saw that in big cities people thought that the people’s who came -the small towners are- they are assumed to be uneducated, they don’t know how to dress up, they have poor communication skills, they are not presentable, they lack confidence and that they have never had any kind of fun in life.

But trust me guys, we have the most number of toppers, be it from engineering, medical, govt. services, not to forget sports persons hailing from small towns. We very well know about all fashion brands and trends, we can communicate better than any big city birdie, we are extremely suave, presentable and full of confidence.

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I never gave up on what I really wanted to do. I proved myself , my family, my society breaking stereotypes and inspiring many girls in the country. As of now I’m model, a student and a influencer. But there are many more. I moved to the city of dreams Mumbai and here I am with a few noteworthy milestones along the way and a lot of love. When I looked back I realized that this will happen because of my parent’s support.

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Today I’m model, Fashion blogger and social media influencer. I have a audience of 32,000. So, next time when you meet people from so called small towns, don’t look down upon them, instead envy them as they have the most peaceful life that every big city human craves for.

I believed in myself and walked the path of my own dreams and choices not neglecting my responsibilities on the way.
This makes me a strong girl hoping to inspire many …
? I feel blessed that what I want to be I’m NOW ..

Anshika Saxena

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  • I agree to some of your points but how do you avoid the stats when thousand of young talented girls who failed to achieve their dreams and ended up falling into nasty traps of this industry.

    For me modelling is a risky profession if you don’t have a godfather but on a positive note things are changing and one day it will become as cool as any other profession.

    Good read thanks ?

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