The Reality of Dream

Reality of Dreams,

We dream at night, wake up in the morning and forget about our dreams. The only time we would maybe even remember them is when they are too close to our reality. Imagine dreaming about something so familiar from your daily life that even after waking up you are still confused of whether those things really happened or was it just a dream.

What is the Reality of Dream?

People rarely talk about their dreams. You might start up a conversation with someone by saying: “I had a really weird dream last night” but that’s only because that person was playing a part in your dream or is someone very close to you and to who you can share stories.

Imagine dreaming about something that you have always wished for. You wish to have a beautiful house by the beach? What if one day you dream about having bought that beach house and enjoy it. Imagine drinking a cold drink during summer time. Imagine laying down without caring about the time. Imagine having no worries. The only thing you will be regretting is waking up to the reality.

Once we are awake, we go back to our reality. How does your daily routine look like? What do you do for 24 hours? Can you say you love your life? Or Is it so bad that you want to go back to sleep?

We spend all day doing different things just to end up in bed at night and dream. We love to sleep but do we love to dream? Yes, we do! That’s because we are unconscious and have no idea what is happening. We don’t know even know that we are dreaming. We love to dream because they might be better than our reality. When we are awake, we are conscious, we know our truth.

However, we are forgetting one thing. When you dream at night, it does not last long. You can dream for a few hours and enjoy it but later you will wake up and might regret it. Even if you were able to buy that beach house in your dreams, you still don’t have that house in reality.

Your reality is your truth. You need to wake up. You need to get back on track. You dream for a short time of period but life is short too and so you have to get out there and enjoy your life. Appreciate every moment. It is good to dream at night, but it is much better to live your dreams during the day.

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