Don’t dream for a good body,work for it. Set goals and kick ‘Em!

Hi guys!!

I am Anindita Jha. I am a fitness trainer and Asst. Manager (sounds boring but quite interesting role though) in one of the IT firm.

I believe in the mantra:

If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward. “This is the key”.

I’ll take you guys to my journey from fat2fab. I went from XL to S in 7 months and now helping other people to achieve the same. Now a days its trend in India that everyone wants to reduce weight but my question here is –Is it enough to reduce weight?? Or fitness is more important.

Health is not just for today but an investment for a lifetime. If you think you’ll reduce now and later on you can eat anything and live a lazy life, trust me! It’s not going to work. It is a lifestyle change and believe me you are going to love it.

Your body is a vehicle if you’ll not give proper  fuel how far it can go.

There are believes that cut down your food, skip your dinner and you’ll look amazing but it’s highly unrecommendable. Your body is a vehicle if you’ll not give proper  fuel how far it can go. So first we need to understand what is “eating right”. I am a foodie and I always was, I love trying new food and eating out in spite of that how can you stay fit ??

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Eating right is the answer-start choosing right option e.g.-you can eat grilled chicken instead of butter Chicken and Chapatti.  You’ll get protein and avoid carb.

  • Coca cola-Can be replaced from Lemon water.
  • Ice cream-Can be replaced from Greek yogurt.


Everyone was a beginner at some point of time in their life. If they can do-You can definitely do.

Believe in yourself and be regular (NO EXCUSE), it’s not mandatory to go to the gym every day, you can start from wrist walking then running gradually. Body weights workouts are really good options and you can do at your home. Just pick a skipping rope –good cardio routine.

If you want to lose weight-Trust me no tummy tucker, expensive trainers or fancy diet is going to help you

It’s you who can help yourself!

All the best!!

Anindita Jha

अnindiता ?
Crossfit Instructor?
?Key Account Manager?
?Aninditaravi@gmail. com


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