Different Dreams linked with Common Date

Different Dreams linked with Common Date,

Some people dreams big and make it happen and by this they influence thousands of other to dare to dream big and fight for that. But some glorious personality dreamt something that were really something out of the box. That not only influenced thousands but also introduced a total game changing concept into our orthodox human mind-set. Their dreams and the way they tried to achieve that, was something which was never attained by anyone before. So, their thoughts, dreams, the way they chased it turned out to be a unique and most-sought way for others following the same path.

Today, 19th November is not like any other regular day. If we look into the history then an amazing fact will come out about this date. Yes, on this date, history has witnessed the birth of three amazing personalities of India who have changed the thoughts about society and its common rules of work divisions based on genders. Their decisions and dedications to make it perfect showed others how to follow even the hardest path that leads to achieve one’s dream. Rani Lakshmibai (Queen of Jhansi), Indira Gandhi (India’s first female Prime Minister) and Sushmita Sen (first Indian Women to win Miss Universe Crown) are those three influential personalities of India who shares the same birthdays.

On 19th November, 1828 Manikarnika Tambe born in Varanasi. A common girl who may had ended like any other girls of her time. Later on she get renowned as Rani Laksmibai after her marriage with Maharaj Gangadhar Rao Newalkar ruler of the then Jhansi. Every Indian is aware of her contribution in Indian freedom movement. She is the one of the great woman freedom fighters who not only fought for her motherland but also led such a great revolution in her realm. Her courageous contribution was so overwhelming that the British rulers of that time also maintained a great sense of respect for her.

She is the one of the great woman freedom fighters who not only fought for her motherland but also led such a great revolution in her realm.

She was mentioned as “man among mutineers” by Sir Hugh Rose who had the experience to face her in the battle filed. From that vibrant presence and courageous contribution of a Indian women in a freedom fight movement it was made clear to Indian society that it is not always true that women needs to remain safeguarded from any menace; they possess the capability to fight and led a great revolution with same skill as the man. It begot the perception that women can also contribute their life for their motherland and can prove their patriotism just like man do.

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After 89 years, similarly, on another 19th November 1917, India’s first women Prime Minister Indira Nehru (Indira Gandhi after marriage) was born in Allahabad. No one of her time can ever imagined that an Indian woman can hold and maintain the Prime Ministership of one of the large democracy of Asia and World so aptly. Being a successor of a political background family it was easier for her to get into this way but it is not at all easy to prove her capability in this platform. It was rather tougher for her to maintain the political charisma that was well-maintained by her family.

Daughters also hold the capacity to do the same and sometimes with more proper way.

After she started her political career it was all in her hand to take forward this political legacy forward in skilful manner; and it is needless to mention that she did it with flying colours. From this success story of Indira Gandhi a new concept conceived in Indian society that it is not like that the male child of a family is only capable to successfully take forward the age-old gracious history of a family. Daughters also hold the capacity to do the same and sometimes with more proper way.

Similarly, on 19th November 1975 another phenomenal lady was born in Hydrabad.  Sushmita Sen, she is not only well-known face of Bollywood but also much known for her decsision to adopt two girls to experience motherhood in different style. Sushmita Sen is the first Indian women who won the Miss Universe crown in 1994 when she was just 18 years old. Later on she acted in many films and won Filmfare Award. She decided to be a single mother of a girl child in early stages of her career and she adopted a baby girl while persuing her passion successfully. In that time the idea of being a single mother was not so common in Indian society. Even today single mothers face many tantrums to rear their children properly because maximum people of our society is much orthodox in nature and not at all ready to admit the fact that a woman can raise a child by her own without marrying or taking any help from a male partner. Sushmita broke the glass ceiling and helped thousands of single mothers of the country to fearless and proud to have the courage to taste the motherhood all alone; while helping thousands of children to live without any shame or embarrass because they are being raised by their single parents as they faces mockery for not having the support of both father and mother throughout their life.

The story of these three ladies of India has changed the age-old conceptions of people and helped to bring a new ray of thoughts into the society. Wiping out the orthodox thoughts and development of modern and updated point of views are something that had been gifted to the entire Indian society by these three 19th Novembers respectively.


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