The Journey of Pehel: Joy of Sharing Campaign

The Journey of Pehel- Joy of Sharing Campaign,

It is a project very close to my heart. Giving back was an integral part of my growing up years in Hyderabad. As a child I would always wonder if the person receiving my toy would actually love it as much as I do. And I would be curious to know the child’s reaction when he/she would receive my toy!

With that thought I decided to start hosting exhibitions of donated items- “Pehel: The Joy of Sharing Campaign”. A place where we share the joy of giving in its true sense.

Charity shouldn’t be enforced and each child deserves to have a choice!

I strongly believe “Charity shouldn’t be enforced and each child deserves to have a choice!” Hence Pehel is a one of a kind charity exhibition where each child has the freedom to pick what they like & take it home. From books, toys to yummy snacks we make sure the children have a gala time. It is truly an unmatched feeling to see these little bundles of joy come and pick what they like.

Preparation for “Pehel-The Joy of Sharing Campaign”is a month long donation drive and we collect contributions in the form of clothes, toys, stationary and books from schools. These are then personally sorted out by me and my team and exhibited for the underprivileged children.

We started with my first charity exhibition, having one stall and 5 tables. I still remember hoping that children would turn up. Last year on the 5th of October(2019) I finished my 4th charity exhibition with about 5 stalls and a foot fall of around 800-1000 children and women together. My heart only fills with gratitude to see Pehel reach out to so many people and spread smiles.

My organisation takes no monetary help or donation. We only ask for things that can be passed on and are in good condition. Luckily we have loads of people joining this cause and gifting new items for the donation drive.
Underprivileged children are invited by our team who personally visits each home and gives them an invite. The invites are sent across over a week before the event.

Pehel is nothing short of an actual exhibition with clothes and toys displayed like in ones wardrobe. We have activities and games planned for the children. The event is a little carnival with yummy snacks & bags full of smiles. From yoga to dance the day of Pehel is packed with loads of fun.

I want to ensure that every child who walks in feels important and knows that they have the right to choose. My journey has just begun, aiming to reach out to more and more children each year.

Pehel also brings together several like minded people who volunteer for this cause & put in their time & effort selflessly.

Saudamini Sharma

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