Letter from a daughter – Kirti Changlani

Letter from a daughter - Kirti Changlani

My Dearest Mom,

What if I say there is more in my heart to express than just a “Happy Mother’s Day”

You know mom, everyday is your day when you work tirelessly to make some good comfort and tasty food on my plate before even eating anything for yourself. It’s you who makes me. More than a “Thank you” my heart jumps on the occasions when you were nothing less than a superwoman.

When you stood for long hours in the kitchen amidst heat and sweat yet serving such perfect dishes.
When you can fix everything from a broken remote to a sibling fight.
When you make sure I am fine as you watch me asleep in the middle of the night when you wake-up to drink water.
When you make sure to support me in working for my passion.
There are several occasions I wish to apologize for:
For not being able to recognize all your efforts which go unnoticed.
For leaving home uninformed at times, and putting you in stress over the passing hours.
For not being able to help you enough in household chores.
And more…

The list is endless, but your love can never be enough just like the ghee poured over my parathas.
I Love You MOM.

Your Daughter,
Kirti Changlani

Kirti Changlani

Heyy there! I am Kirti Changlani. I am Author of "A Life, Less Ordinary" & "The Search For Belonging"
Being a kiddo at heart, I'm also a poet, nature-lover, reader, blogger and a content writer. You can find me on:-
Instagram: @kirtichanglani.
Facebook/Twitter: @Kirtichanglani

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