Dream is where the Heart is

Dream is where the Heart is,

What is dream? There is a famous definition about dream which is known by most of us. “Dream is not the one which you see when you are asleep, dream is something that don’t let you sleep”. Every one of us, has some dream to fulfill; and it is quite obvious that our dream is mostly influenced by our interests and choices. If someone likes singing then it is quite obvious that her/his dreams will most probably be based on singing or anything related with music. So, it will not be wrong to say that dream is where the heart is, or the interests are.

“Dream is not the one which you see when you are asleep, dream is something that don’t let you sleep”.

But it is also true that life takes everyone through a complex jigsaw choices and opportunities so that the person can feel his/her actual taste and interests regarding life. They become clearer about their dreams and exactly what they wants to achieve in their life. So, going through those various other choices are much important to become more specific about needs of life and to know one’s heart more properly. This clear vision helps the person to invest more and more his/her time and efforts in chasing and shaping up their dreams.

Let’s talk about such a youth sensation of this era. Miley Cyrus was born 23rd November, 1992 in Tennessee, USA. Despite being a descendant of a family of artists Miley was known to be much religious in her childhood days. Before starting her journey as a child artist she used to live simple life like other girls of her age. She used to visit church regularly. In her childhood, her vivacious nature leads her name to be “Smiley” which one later turns into Miley. And it is needless to mention that now she is famous worldwide as Miley Cyrus.

It all started in 2001, when she went to watch “Mamma Mia” from Mirvish Production at Royal Alexandra Theater with her father. After that, she realized her intense attraction to pursue acting as career. On that point of time, this was the only dream which was fascinating the little girl that she just wanted to be an actress. But life was planned something different for this dreamer which was about to unbox. Little Miley started learning acting and singing both at Toronto based Armstrong Acting Studio. In 2003, she finally got the chance to showcase her talent which was the starting point of her dream path. She started chasing her dream by acting in Tim burton’s “Big Fish”.

After that she started her landmark project to acting in a Hannah Montana which was a television series ran by Disney Channel. This television series and the character played by Miley shoot her into an instant worldwide fame. In 2006, this show was discovered to be the most audience engaging show of Disney Channel. Miley was not the first choice for this character but it was all her acting skill that won her the role. Even the soundtrack recorded on Miley’s character was also chart topper of that year. It made its successful entry into famous Billboard 200 list in USA.

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Later she started her journey as a powerful vocal artist in USA and has gifted many chart bursting hits like “Can’t be tamed (2010)”, “We can’t stop”, “Malibu”, “Inspired” “Younger Now”. With each and every new music release she actually ruled the Billboard 200 list of USA and the heart of her fans and the music fanatics all over the world. But it was not always a good responses that she got. During her Gypsy Heart Tour in 2011 she allocated no date for North America and that caused her to face various controversy. She said she would love to perform from where she will get “most love” and that leads the controversy go stronger.

So, it is quite clear from Miley’s journey that her dream to become an actress was her dream that she chased and in this journey she got her another interest singing to be her another asset and interest that she pursued with exact ecstasy. Her dream of becoming an actress got paired up with her heart’s interest to become a singing icon. Miley always considered legendary Elvis Presley and Madonna as her inspiration to become a singer. Miley has shown her talent in different genre of music. In her every new album she always proved that she has the capability to successfully perform rock, hip hop and synthpop though she mostly known as a pop artist in music world. Not just that her songs like “Send It On”, “Everybody Hurts” and “We Are The World 25 for Haiti” showcased her strong support to the idea of charity which the world needs every time. Her contribution to the survivors of Haiti earthquake in 2010 is an example of her support of this ideology.

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Right now Miley Cyrus’s net worth can approximately be nearly $200 million and it will be more than $360 if her total working-life earning is taken under consideration.

So, Sometimes people can’t recognize all their interest at initial days all they do is to follow their hearts. The rest comes eventually in their path all they should have to do is to recognize their interest and the call of their heart. In long run, it become their biggest dream to achieve in life.


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  • I love this! Realizing your dreams is the first step, the hard work of making your dreams a reality is on going and takes dedication. Working hard to pursue my dreams everyday

    • Thank you so much. It is more than a pleasure when readers like my content. Yes, if someone works hard to achieve their dreams then oneday it really comes true. Good wishes for you. Hope your hard work will also pay you.😊

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