Dream Organization Culture & Ideal Employee Behavior

Dream Organization Culture & Ideal Employee Behavior,

There is a bunch of definition of organization or organization culture you can find. But today we will be referring organization as “The workplace” and organization culture as “The way of working in e particular workplace”. Simply that means, how all your colleagues work, behave, or handle things in your workplace and we will be discussing the effect of these on you as an employee.

Honestly speaking, the people with job satisfaction are going extinct.

Honestly speaking, the people with job satisfaction are going extinct. Everybody is FED UP with their boss, the boss is FED UP with his boss and this can go on and on. But this is not the case for every workplace. The previously given example can be classified as “Negative Corporate Culture” which is undoubtedly the most unwanted feature or environment for a workplace and can lead to a vast destruction or even shutting down. Pretty scary, right?

So, the question is what’s the opposite of that and which one is the “good” or ‘better’ environment. The opposite term is “Strong Corporate Culture” or “Dream Organization Culture”. For example, take Google; It is said to have the best organizational culture and best workplace environment. They let the employees to choose their own working schedule, the employee have full control over their own work. They even provide free, organic, chef-prepared meals, free health and dental, hybrid car subsidies, nap pods, video games, ping pong, on-site physicians and more. And the employees just have to do their jobs and be as creative as they can.

But, practically it’s not possible for every organization to provide this king of luxurious environment.  But there are ways to maintain a strong corporate culture in the workplace. But that’s not our job and we should leave that to the authorities.

Now, let’s discuss our main topic. How these cultures and environments affect the behavior of employees. Consider some of these situations:

  • Suppose, you have a control freak boss who likes to control everything in the office and likes to take over your work on which you have put a lot of efforts. Will you ever want to put effort on any of the work willingly? The answer is obviously NO. So, that’s a negative impact. That affects the self-esteem and the willingness to work of a worker.
  • Now, consider the opposite situation. Your seniors aren’t into giving feedback of your work. So, you can’t improve your work as you don’t know where it got wrong or how to solve it. So, No complaining is also No-No.
  • Now-a-days most the office organize events like “Employee of the year” and ‘Employee Of the month”. These are really effective, motivates the employees to do their best and prove themselves what they are capable of.
  • A helpful environment where colleagues help and seniors appreciate your work is the best environment you can get. That really helps you improving and focusing in your work.
  • Consider most of your co-workers are lazy and really into making excuses say for leaving early from work and somehow you found that most of the time they do get their way. Undoubtedly, you will be encouraged to do the same next time.
  • Competition can be really healthy for a workplace, but hyper competition? It’s really an example of toxic environment. Where everybody is trying to be on the top, nobody will. So, you can imagine the bizarre behavior of the workers in an office.

The thing is, an organization has to have such kind of culture, where employees are concerned about the organization, it’s welfare and improvement. And makes them think about the organization as more than a workplace.

Human beings are the most adaptive social creatures. They adapt, learn, gain experiences from their surroundings and so are true for an employee. The behavior will change and improve along with the culture of the workplace.

Afra Tasnim

Dreamer, learner, observer.
Try a bit to express my own thoughts through writings.

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