What matters the most is how well you walk through fire

What matters the most is how well you walk through fire,

I’ve come to realize that problems are really part of what makes life worth living. Problems challenge us and give us the opportunity to do things we’ve never done before, to learn things we never knew before. They give us the chance to surprise ourselves.It helps us to find our greatest hidden potential.

After all what matters the most in our life is how well you walk through fire.

There are many things in this world that can happen that cause people to change. It could be something big or it could be something small. Either way everyone has something different they are battling. For me, it would have to be my mother’s death. This has had both a negative and positive effect on my life. I bet you are wondering how something like that could be positive, right. Well, let me start my story.

I used to live with my mom and dad and belong to a middle class family.I was the only child of my parents and the amount of I used to get from my parents is unconditional. No responsibilities, no workload. I used to be a girl with dreams and ambitions. I used to think that life is going to happen the way I have planned it but then the tragedy happened in my life. My mom died 3 years ago. At the time it was a big change for me; I thought how in the world am I going to make it without her? It changed every aspect of my life and even how I saw life.

The life of everyone who lives in this world today is here for a reason.

At first, things were a little rough. I had to deal with the constant stares every time I went somewhere or the awkward conversations of people trying to tiptoe around the subject. Honestly, it was just weird. I felt weird and I felt different. Sort of like an outcast.It struck me, and I was unable to do anything about it. In a matter of less than a year, it crushed down all of my hopes and dreams. This condition was the death of my mother. Even today, when I talk about it, I burst into tears because I feel as though it was yesterday.

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I desperately tried to forget, and that meant living in denial about what had happened. I never wanted to speak about it whenever anyone would ask me how I felt. To lose my Mom meant losing my life. I felt I died with her. Many times I wished I had given up, but I knew it would break the promise we made years before she passed away. Therefore, I came back from the dead determined and more spirited than before.

As it had been said:
“Pain is a traveling professor and it goes and knocks on everyone’s door. The smartest people I know are the people who say, come in and don’t leave until you have taught me what I need to know.”

I become more responsible than before Becoming a responsible person means being able to consciously make decisions, conduct behaviors that seek to improve oneself and/or help others. Most importantly, a responsible person accepts the consequences of his or her own actions and decisions. After my mother’s death now I also have to take care of my home like cooking breakfast, lunch and dinners and at the same time I have to focus on my career as I have told you earlier that I am type of girl who lives for her dreams. In beginning it was quite difficult for me to manage all these tasks together like cooking breakfast before going to college coming back home and making lunch doing order works.

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At that time I used to think that why these things are happening with me why am I suffering from all these things but after sometime I got to find out the reason behind this tragedy and learned the lesson which life want to teach me. Now I’m a artist, blogger, poet and a YouTuber.
And manage my all these tasks well.

The life of everyone who lives in this world today is here for a reason. We all have a purpose in this world. We should all have the freedom to become lawyers, doctors, politicians, and teachers. We will be able to walk on streets and through hallways and not be afraid to say that we are proud of who we are.And I completely believe that if we are able to find out why we are here in world today or why we are facing difficulties in our life and the day we will find out the reason behind that we will be unstoppable and successful

## At last I want to say: If you have a courage to start, you have a courage to succeed..

Kavita Sharma

My name is Kavita Sharma.I live in Lucknow.I am a national level artist poet motivational speaker blogger and YouTuber. I have won two state level awards, three national award and two international awards.

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