Work hard and let the success be your noise

From being called an “UNCLE” to running one of India’s leading blog! I shaped my destiny the way I dreamt…

Hi, My name is Satyajit Majumder and am one of the leading blogger in INDIA and this is my journey…

Satyajit Majumder, Yourdreamtale.comAs a kid I was overweight and bulky, or “fat” as they would call me, which disturbed my mental state every now and then… I was unconsciously brewing up grave insecurities in my head out of this constant humiliation! I gradually turned shy and shabby and awkward and reserved to an extent where I wore vests to cover my moobs and t-shirts to swimming ! All the mockery, noise and abhorrence around me,drained my confidence into a dark abyss…

I realised that I was looked down upon differently, and that was not long before i started hitting the gym. Gave up on the sweets and other delicacies, and tightened my shoe laces to bring about a transformation.

From 105 KGs I reduced it to 75 KGs in just 7 month (Still pinching myself!! Because it was easier dreamt than done!) Fashion was not a cup of tea for me, and neither was blogging! But something that kept me going was my unflinching spirit…

And Today , am one of the leading influencers who has got the opportunity to collaborate with major brands in India. I am the only Male influencer from INDIA who’s invited to MEXICO as an ambassador for the ‘Fashion Hero Tv, Season 2‘ . The Fashion Hero is a groundbreaking TV series and a worldwide movement that empowers real people to achieve their dreams by disrupting the status quo of narrow, unattainable fashion and beauty ideals.

Fashion was not a cup of tea for me, and neither was blogging! But something that kept me going was my unflinching spirit.
I started blogging in the year 2017, when not many were aware of what blogging actually was..I totally felt alien to these social media drills…I nevertheless kept posting reviews on Instagram and within 5 months brands started sending proposals. I got featured in ‘Calcutta Times’ newspaper for the #FlirtWithYourCity campaign and in few other blogs too. Even Calcutta Medical College Invited me as their Chief Guest and I was given the privilege to Judge the event- Mister Kolkata Rhapsody (secretly, Another dream come true!).

Satyajit Majumder,
I believe in Simplicity. I would choose comfort over luxury any day. I am a momma’s boy. Partying after 8pm is strictly prohibited at my house! I don’t have any addictions but social media! Also my dietician has suppressed the big foodie inside me. I believe am a good singer and i would like others to believe that too.

I started blogging in the year 2017 just after I reduced my weight to 75 kgs,  it’s been 2 years now.  I never thought it will be this big. It has never been easy initially but then the support from my friends and family kept me going. And now when my work gets appreciated by  renowned brands, i feel that the struggle is worth it.

It was tough competing with myself. There was too much noise both externally and internally that kept pulling me backwards. I had to give up on many delicacies to achieve all that i eventually did..

Well, my immediate goals are to get a good secure job, so that it assures my family about my future. Besides that, i have a plan to start up my own influencer marketing agency. That’s it for now, i like surprises, so i make lesser plans. I enjoy the thrill in uncertainty…

Satyajit Majumder,

First collaboration was with I started reviewing brands and started continuing it for a long time,but none sent a proposal for a collaboration,  I didn’t lose hope.  One day I received a mail from the cbazaar marketing head for being their brand ambassador and it was my first collaboration. Basically brands approach influencers on basis of content and fan base and insights That’s it.

Suggestions for others:

Work hard and let the success be your noise

Inspiration to become an influencer on social media:

I started following Beer Biceps on social media,He has a similar story. I admire him for how unstoppable he is. and that led me to this.

Satyajit Majumder

From Being Bodyshamed to Leading Blogger 👑
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