Journey of finding myself and my happiness

journey of finding myself and my happiness,

Be yourself, Be proud of who you are, Be confident, and realistic. These are the kind of things which you must have to carry all the time, because once you lose them it will be very hard for you to regain it.

I will tell you my story in short, that how easily I gave the key of my happiness into others hand and lost my values in my own eyes. And my journey of regaining it. After my marriage I started living abroad and my happiness was beyond the clouds. How fast few months flew I didn’t even realized. After some time I started finding work there but due to strict country’s regulation and other local barriers I couldn’t get it.

My family, friends, people who surrounds me started asking and interrupting in my life like how can I stay alone and doing nothing, how can I stay jobless, how I passes my time here, how can can live my life aimlessly and they started looking me with pity eyes, and many more. I was under immense pressure from their expectations or I can just say their opinion started over taking my life, my happiness was all about to show them what they want to see, but once I failed proving me in front of them I lost my confidence & value, I felt like I am worthless, burden and sadly I was almost on verge of going into depression. And it was visible on my personality too. To avoid to go into depression I started ignoring people, I started thinking a lot on my weakness. I never discussed these things with my husband because I didn’t want to show him that I was broke from inside.

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But lucky me, he finds it in my behavior and understand easily that what bothers me and how to overcome it and believe me it took me more than a month to close my ears and eyes towards others opinion because we are living in a society where people talk and you can’t control them, you try hard to keep away from those talks then suddenly some person will come to you and again start talking the same stuffs which eventually takes you in the dark zone again.

But slowly I accepted the reality and circumstance and I made a filter for myself that from now I will never overthink on the situations which I can’t control and feel gratitude towards what I have instead what I don’t have. As soon as I started this believe me my mind starts working again in all others aspects as well.

Life is short, explore it and live in your terms.

I regain my confidence, my value, my worth and I realized I did learned many things also except 9 to 6 job. These learnings helps me to know me more and my capabilities.

Now if people talk again about same things so I take it as their opinion and without any offence I enjoy my reality. Today I am satisfied that I started storytelling because I have never thought in my life I can do this. This was kind of a challenge for me, it’s a whole new experience for me. Now I feel gratitude towards my free time so I can explore my new side.

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My one and only suggestion is that never ever feel ashamed or unworthy about yourself.

Don’t be a toy to give reactions on others expectations. Life is short, explore it and live in your terms. Don’t disrespect anybody but always listen to your own self. That’s what the inner peace is all about for me.

Ratna Singh

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