Living is not inhaling Oxygen, Life is meant to liberate you

Living is not inhaling Oxygen, Life is meant to liberate you,

I’m Manasa Chetan, brought up in a very conservative family in Hyderabad. I came from the days where they used to dread the birth of a girl child. Being the eldest kid of the family, I have learnt at a very early age that if I don’t prove myself at every step of my life, I’d be pushed back behind the bars of early marriage. I was ambitious. Ambitious for women used to be a bad word. I had to change it in my family. So all I knew all the time was doing extremely well in grades. I flowed in this river so much that I got drowned in the act of impressing others at the cost of my own self love. So much that one day it came to the point , that I used to keep too many things hidden and I became very inexpressive, not being genuine at all and under confident .

Reality hit me like a tight slap when my grades weren’t just enough to get that high remuneration job. I took a step back in life where I had to analyse why me , who is the most impressing to others couldn’t get what I want in life. I entered the real world by taking my first ever employment. It was like an answer from the Universe. One day, My roommate’s relatives who were psychologists casually visited us for lunch and I was asked things about what I like in particular, my dislikes. I couldn’t give one answer straight. That’s when I got the advice to find myself before I get too lost . It buzzed an alarm in me. Books from my roommate’s library came to my immediate rescue. The monk who sold his Ferrari, 7 habits of highly effective people, inspiring movies like eat, pray, love helped me self analyse. Being a sharp observer paid off. I understood what it needs to be a human.

You are the key to your own perceptions.

Honesty, Truth, Confidence, Trust, Belief and most important of all self love are very crucial. If you can’t give love to yourself, you cannot be a giver to others.

You are the key to your own perceptions. And most of the times when you are not trying to analyse what’s running in others mind you’re at bliss. You’re very lucky. I replaced it with empathy for others and it works like magic. You just letting all the toxins to leave your system. Because straight up nobody is perfect. Neither you nor me . Life is better when you’re not insecure about so many things.Ignorance of what is happening next moment and the feeling of being positive no matter what comes is a great aura in itself.So much like the little kids. Life looks so simple . So subtle and easy. To be honest living life is easy, we shouldn’t complicate it.

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I went on to try a lot of things myself and trust me it starts with you when you go on to pursue anything. There will be failure but the smart ones are those who get back immediately and pursue with even more effort. The right amount of help comes automatically when you seek for it. It was my decision first then family and friends all of them contributed their share in getting things done. All I had to do was stick to my own decisions.

It’s been a long way since I’ve learnt my lessons and still pursuing this journey. I have won a beauty pageant(Miss Global India 2016), walked out of a job I disliked, came out of unwanted relationships, met the love of my life and most of all I feel the genuine emotions inside of me. Currently I manage my married life, I’m a PA at ocean training solutions, I am studying law and developing my blog (my brain child)on instagram @thequirkyeye to reach all the simple women who can find it relatable to look more presentable and confident in their own skin.

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Always remember, never give away the keys of your happiness to others. That’s the true way you become a giver of love, joy and peace to everyone around you. Keep the child in you alive always. Be a learner and always self analyse. Don’t wait for help. You are enough to start off and then everything will fall into place. Success doesn’t happen in a day. It needs consistency and the same spirit that was there when you started something on the first day.

Manasa Chetan

Manasa Chetan, 26 is currently located in Chennai. An engineer by qualification, a life enthusiast by passion. Blogging is her creative outburst and loves to share her ideas and keep it relatable for her viewers. Otherwise she takes keen interest in content writing and die hard fan of travelling. She works as PA in the corporate wing of her family business. She loves food, fitness, fashion and all things life. She is married to Chetan Korada, who is a formula car racer.

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