Blessed With A Break-Up

Blessed With A Break-Up,

I know most of the stories or great novels usually start with a happy event. But my story is a bit different. Just like others, I was heart broken when I faced a sudden break-up. All those humiliations and insulting words were haunting me every day. To get rid of that trauma, I started watching a lot of motivational videos. Apart from that, I was also digesting a lot of personality development videos as well.

I was utterly frustrated. Then I decided to go for a solo traveling to magical Shillong. When I came back, I was a bit calm and realized that all those videos actually changed my psyche in a very subtle way. I wrote about my Shillong experience in my social media profile. Just after a week, one of my friends asked me to write the same for one of his travel blog clients. I thought of giving it a sort.

My vocabulary was not that much polished, and I had no idea about any grammar checking app as well. But somehow people liked my travelogue. Then I got a proposal for writing for that travel portal. I was not confident enough but took the challenge. Eventually, I came to know about digital marketing and keywords. I am lucky to have some supportive friends. One of them asked me to join his digital marketing firm and to take it as a learning curve.

I am not saying I was not scared. But I was confident about my abilities.

I was 30 at that time and was starting my career in a new way. This was the first time I was serious about my career and financial freedom. During that phase, I came to know about the best-selling book, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad.’ That book changed my entire perception about life, money, and career. My break up taught me many lessons like prioritizing your own life, being serious about career and the necessity of self-respect. But that book enlightened me differently. I was working in my friend’s firm and learning a lot of things, but now I felt the urge of doing something alone.

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By that time, I developed a habit of watching movies and reading career-building books. One fine morning I just feel like working alone and taking the risk of freelance working. I am not saying I was not scared. But I was confident about my abilities. Those past traumas could not get hold of me this time.

I started with travel blogging only and then started writing health blogs, relationship blogs, SEO articles, and even eBooks. My movie watching habit somehow enriched my vocabulary and made me aware of the way I should write.

I am still learning a lot of new things every day and enrolling for new courses. Right now, I am a senior content writer of a prestigious company of Dubai and enjoying the bliss of remote writing. I never had my personal blog or anything.

Earning a good amount as a remote writer is possible. Within just 1 and a half year, I made this journey. Now I do have some other income streams like a drop shipping site and online coaching etc. Soon I will be the owner of a hotel. All these have started from that one solo trip.
I have realized a few important things that I want to share today.

It is never late, and you can start anytime.
There is a secret door to heaven even from hell.

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Losing someone or events like break up can be taken positively. You do not have anything to prove to anyone. But life is precious, do not waste it in depression. Our strong emotions are a sort of energy, use it positively.

Do not play the victim. Stop blaming and take a single step every day. Take the responsibilities of your actions.

See no one is paying me to promote them, but it is my moral duty to share the names of hose motivational speaker who helped me in my darkest hours. I can never stop thanking Sandeep Maheshwari and Sadguru. They do not know what they have done for me.

I am no guru or mentor. But whatever I have earned so far is the result of my efforts and conviction. It is easy to spend life like a couch potato. Read good books and watch great movies. These are like the silent mentors who can reprogram your brain and thoughts. I am a spiritual person and strongly believe in Karma or causality. If you try you can definitely get the result.

Apsara Palit

Learning every day and daring to dream bigger.


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