Dr. Sujata Chatterjee’s Dream Tale : To publish her writings as a poet in newspaper and magazines

Dr. Sujata Chatterjee’s Dream Tale : To publish her writings as a poet in newspaper and magazines,

I am an author by passion and a doctor by profession. As a girl of 8 years, my ambition was to publish my writings as a poet in newspaper and magazines. I started writing with this enthusiasm and composed my first poem, My Arithmetic Fever. After this, there was no turning back. I went on to write more poems, articles and stories, which were published in the school magazines and subsequently in the college magazines as well. I was a regular writer in the column, “ The Patient I Can Never Forget,” in the fortnightly magazine WOMAN’S ERA. Although my studies as a Doctor took the front seat in those days, I never failed to go on writing for the magazines and journals. I contributed to the medicine journals and medical sites, such as Practo and Elite Health, in the net for the public.

But something was missing. I needed to publish my own book, where every poetry or a story would be read by my readers and praised. I needed to reach out to the general public. I wanted to convey my feelings and emotions to the readers. Thus the book, FLIGHTS OF FANTASY, a book of short stories was written by me. Then, I wanted to publish another book, this time a book of poems. LOOKING THROUGH THE PRISM : SPECTRUM, an anthology of poems was published in 2018 December. After this, I co authored many other books like, SPEAK YOUR MIND, BROKEN BITS OF THE MOON, JUMBOREE JUBILATION, THE ROAD TAKEN, LYRICAL DEWDROPS and many others, some of which are on their way to be published. I am going to launch, at present, another anthology of poems, WAVES OF FORTUNE : EMOTIONS, within a month or two.

I consider myself as lucky to have received so much love and appreciation for my hard work.

Yet, my quest for being an author was not quenched. I needed people to recognize my published work as an author. So I started to participate in various award functions and contests. The online contests of LITERATURE LOVER’S ASSOCIATION and THE ASIAN LITERARY SOCIETY, recognised my work and I won many awards. I was honoured by SONGHOTI SAMMANANA AWARD and the WOMAN EMPOWERMENT AWARD 2019 by the Hello Kolkata Media House. I was selected as the Top 100 Inspiring Authors Of India Award by the INDIAN AWAZ TEAM and the Top 50 Author Awards by the SPIRIT MANIA. I was declared the winner of NATIONAL BOOK HONOUR AWARDS 2019.

Thus my journey as an accomplished author started. At present thousands of people have read my work and appreciated it. I consider myself as lucky to have received so much love and appreciation for my hard work.

Dr Sujata Chatterjee Book Cover, Yourdreamtale.comLOOKING THROUGH THE PRISM : SPECTRUM, is a special book of anthology of poems. A lot of poems are dedicated to nature, like rivers, oceans, seas, lakes, clouds, seasons, rain, sun, moon, stars, rainbows. They are a hue of different colours of life, like the Spectrum which appears if a white light is passed through a prism. There are poems which are based on the emotions of the students, due to the peer pressure and also poems which describe the ultimate destiny of terrorism. Some poems are described by the readers as “Wordsworthy”, like THE LONELY COTTAGE. There are romantic poems like LOVING YOU, which describes the lover and also THE LAKE, which awaits for her lover, the traveller, who comes along to be refreshed by the lake. Most of the poems have a rustic touch to the emotions expressed. It is a perfect book to read at the twilight, with a cup of coffee in hand, sitting relaxed in an armchair. All the poems are motivational, and a warm feeling of positivity engulfs the reader. The poems embrace optimism and will definitely inspire a reader to face their lives with a new vigour. You shall be rejuvenated after reading this book.

Next year, I am planning to launch and promote my book, WAVES OF FORTUNE : EMOTIONS and also the second edition of FLIGHTS OF FANTASY. I shall also try my hand in penning down a new book, on adventures of travelling. I would love to publish this awesome tales of different adventures, encountered in our lives or during a trip.

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My maternal Grandfather was a great source of inspiration to me, during my childhood and teenage. At present, my husband and son love to back me up, and provide enthusiasm to write more. My parents have always guided me to channel my mind towards positivity. My friends have always appreciated my efforts in writing.

My suggestion to the other writers, would be to fulfil their pen, paper and dreams, by overcoming difficulties like the writer’s block and keep writing. Don’t wait for results. You will be ultimately, definitely rewarded for your hard work.

Dr. Sujata Chatterjee

Dr Sujata Chatterjee is a physician by profession and an author by passion. She has authored 2 books, FLIGHTS OF FANTASY, a collection of short stories, LOOKING THROUGH THE PRISM, a collection of motivational poems and another book of poems, WAVES OF FORTUNE, which is being published and co authored 6 more books, SPEAK YOUR MIND, BROKEN BITS OF THE MOON , JUMBOREE JUBILATION, LYRICAL DEWDROPS, THE ROAD TAKEN, and some others which are on the way to publication. She is the winner of SHONGHOTI SAMMANANA AWARD, TOP 100 INSPIRING AUTHORS by The Indian Awaz Team, TOP 50 INFLUENCIAL AWARDS by THE SPIRIT MANIA, and the winner of THE NATIONAL BOOK HONOUR AWARDS. She has also been awarded by the SWAMI VIVEKANANDA EXCELLENCE AWARD by the SEVA GUILD and the Governor of West Bengal for her contribution in English Literature. She has been honoured by the WOMAN EMPOWERMENT AWARD, by HELLO KOLKATA MEDIA HOUSE, for her contribution in Medicine and English Literature. She was a regular contributor of the column, THE PATIENT I CAN NEVER FORGET, in the fortnightly magazine, THE WOMEN’S ERA.

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