It’s never too late to realise your dream

It's never too late to realise your dream,
It’s so justified to say “It’s never too late to realise your dream and you’re never too old to become better”.
Hi, this is Dr. Sneha Chandra. Coming from a medico family, i was always looked upto to become a doctor. And after all the years of studies and hard work, I am finally a specialist and radiologist. I have always been a humanitarian and always had a thought of serving people on any way possible.
Got a great team of teachers who helped to believe in my aims in life.
During my college days also, which was my learning and training time, I always wanted to help and serve my patients in the best possible way. Thanks to the great teachers and guide we had. It’s a very very important fact of life, teachers play a very important part in our life, no matter they are strict or stubborn or what not. They have a great deal of role to play in moulding our character and attitude towards life.
Got a great team of teachers who helped to believe in my aims in life. Well, lot about my studies and college.
After that I got my first ever job. I swear I loved my job. And then I got married. And I don’t know, it was just my conditioning or my belief, I left my job just because he was posted somewhere else. I strongly believed that marriage come first in my priority list. I did put him before my profession and all my previous wishes.
That was the phase, I would say, i just didn’t knew what I am and what I want. It was my dreamland.I guess! thanks
But soon I realised or rightly I would say, I was made to realise that giving up my profession was not a big deal. It led to depression. This episode made me realise that if I am not happy, I can’t make others happy and then after few sad events I finally put myself and my happiness above all. This helped me to prioritise myself and I rediscovered new me. But finding a job is not a easy piece of cake for dentist.
But after a period of struggle, i have now got a nice and better job. This is a very common story in the place where I live.
But the important part is what you, as a woman want to do. What you are? What you are in your eyes. Where you wanna see yourself? Who are you as an individual?
So now this is me standing tall and free of depression and happier than ever.
And gradually I found my lost love i.e. dance. Have been dancing since few months and just love every bit. So, here is my story in a jist.
It’s my experience and my message to all who are struggling with life crisis and confusion regarding themselves, it’s never too late to realise that. No matter the age.

Sneha Chandra

I am a dentist by profession but has many facets of life. After completing my studies, which was very tedious ( medical studies) I realised life is beyond getting a job and just doing it.
I love travelling, dancing apart from serving the people.
I believe in "Keep calm and keep kaam se kaam."

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