Believe and have Faith in your dreams

Believe and have Faith in your dreams,

With due respect I want to share my dream with all of you. I’m from India & my name is “Priyanka Das”. I belong from a middle class family. In my family I have my parents & two elder brothers. Since I’m the youngest I got all the love from my parents as well as from my siblings. Since my childhood days I like to play and was very much fond of wearing new dresses of different designs. I was not very much devoted to my studies but I managed to pass all the exams distinctly. Although my liking was to dress up nicely but I never understood that it was my dream. I grown up very lovingly and carefully. Although many people try to become Engineer, Doctor, Teacher etc.,.. but I have taken my part according to the situation arises and faced all the difficulties boldly and never allowed myself to get led down and gone with the flow. So, when I graduated myself I wished to work and it fulfilled. I worked in an IT company as an Accountant but I was not satisfied then I joined in Automobiles workshop and again I left not satisfied like that I left 4 companies.

Why I was not satisfied?

Why I was not satisfied? Why I left those companies after working for a short period of time? Do you know? why?
Well because I dreamt something else and I was going in a wrong direction where I am not satisfied and not happy. And I believe most of the people do the same mistake by not recognizing what they want and what is the right path for their career. But I always try to overcome whatever obstacles come to me & stood up on my feet firmly. I never ever give up my willingness. But I was hesitating to fulfill my dream because I was worried if I want to fulfill my dream I have to come out from my home & stay alone far from my home and I was afraid of that. But my Mom always support me & inspired me to achieve my goals & she always motivate me whenever necessary.

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Never Stop Believing In Your Dreams
And finally on January 2017 I got a chance to come out from my home & got a job which is far from my Native Town. Accordingly I joined to my service but this was again office work but luckily this time it was the right place where I can start my way to fulfill my dream.

My dream is to start my career in Modeling and Acting industry.
Well, my dream is to become a Model and an Actress. So, I took risk because if there is no risk there is no gain. I quit my job and joined Modeling courses.
So, my advice is never ever give up your dreams because if we try hard and hard to achieve the dreams success will come automatically. I have noticed changes in me & never thought I can do it. And recently I’m wishing to get few projects. Now I’m just starting my career. I’m still a struggler but hope to achieve my goals very soon with the blessings of all of you.

I believe that we get one life but we have thousands and thousands dream, everyday we dream something or the other so, don’t stop dreaming motivate yourself and the people around you. One day  it will fulfill if you are honest,hardworking and dedicated. Hope all of you like my small dream. Want your blessings to achieve my goals.

Thank you YourDreamTale for giving me a chance to share my dream with everyone.

Priyanka Das

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times,
if one only remembers to turn on the light.....


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