Happiness is the result of your doing

Today I was asked a question about what is happiness for me? I’m a soul who finds happiness in all small things. Whether it be a getting a new superman pen or a job. For me happiness is in every small thing that happens around us. When I see a kid on the road begging and then getting a hot tea or something to eat that smile on that kids face gives me happiness as it shows that humanity still exists and that makes me happy. When I see people treating animals like they would treat any other living thing that makes me happy. For me happiness is the result of your doing. I always try to find excuses to laugh, to smile, to make other people smile because it sometimes feel like the happiness in humans is fading away and that is not a good thing.

Let me share with you something from my life that was my first happiness that I ever felt and knew what happiness means to someone. When I was in 1st class, after results I got a Narula’s ice cream because I got marks above 95%, I didn’t know what was happiness but when we got my result and went to the ice cream parlour; My father told me that I got so good marks that I was getting a large bowl of Ice cream and that day I didn’t stop smiling, I just smiled and laughed my way to the next day. My brother didn’t got one but I shared my bowl with him and that what is happiness for me. My brother is my happiness every-time I see him smiling it gives me strength and it keeps me calm. Family, friends, humanity, peace is the foundation of your happiness. Every time we fight with our parents, fight with our friends or doesn’t help other human being will never result in happiness. It will make you sad and that will distance you from the happiness that you deserve.

“Don’t be sad if something is wrong, be happy and everything will be fine”.

Happiness is the necessity of everyone’s life. To succeed in life everyone needs to be happy and everyone needs to understand the value of happiness. There are many people with whom I have shared my path of life and their mind set sometimes scares me. According to them, to be happy you need to be rich. I don’t believe in this. Money is money but happiness makes you strong from within. There are many people who are rich but they have tension, stress in their life. It’s not at all worth it. Yes, money is important but I’m sorry it’s not worth your happiness. There are so many poor people whom I see on roadside or anywhere and they looks happier than rich people. To survive in this world happiness will go a long road. Happiness will make you strong from within and it will make you more independent. Every soul needs happiness more than it needs anything else. Happiness makes you healthy, it makes you strong from within, it makes you independent, and it makes you calmer. Everybody needs a strength to fight with problems and this strength comes from within.

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So to answer this question what happiness means to me is to me happiness is the key to survive problem free and tension free. In this world full of competition why everyone is stressed, there are numerous number of cases of depression and they are growing day by day because people are all in the race of success and they forget all about the things that are important for their health.

According to me you should do whatever that makes you happy whether it be with you family, spending time with your friends, helping other people in achieving their dream, starting new initiatives for the people.

Anything that makes you happy you should pursue it, let the world be you blank canvas and you just paint it like whatever you want. I hope that everyone in this world be happy and find happiness in all the little things that happens around them.

Akanksha Kukreti

Hi, my name is Akanksha Kukreti and I’m a journalism and mass communication graduate and pursuing post-graduation in political science. I do blogging and you can follow me on Instagram my Instagram handle name is Shezza_mini, you can follow me for all the fashion and lifestyle posts. I also write poems and going to publish my novel soon.

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The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it, and the perseverance to follow it.
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