Life is what you make it

Life is what you make it,

Hello Everyone,

Here I have pen down my life story for you all to get something positive out of it and live your life the way you want!

As I belong to a middle-class family, I’m not suppose to dream glamorous, Glamorous means fashion world and a world where girls like me are not suppose to go. But I always wanted life to be glamorous  & different  from my siblings , I was an average student  so, I never thought  of becoming an  IAS  officer  or an engineer. I always dreamt of being a fashionista or a business woman, though I was never sure what I am goanna do with my life and where to start from?

But never say never. My destiny was calling and my dream was to trail. My sister who is software engineer by profession lives in Bangalore and she called me to pursue my dream. I started with fashion designing classes along with that I also started my YouTube channel “Socha DIY”.

I stared enjoying it so well and taking behind the camera so much that I forgot I was an introvert person generally. I felt a different person, a new version of myself which I had never explored at all. I felt a confident girl sitting behind camera and wanting to do more in life while shooting videos. I used to get bullied in my school days for not talking much and here I am on camera can’t stop speaking. I was enjoying the whole process, the whole idea behind YouTube and Instagram. so, I started consuming videos from YouTube and Instagram to put a creative hand ahead.  My friend told that I have a camera friendly face, than I thought why not to utilize this feature for good. I always had interest in fashion, style, acting, sketching & dancing.

I believe no matter what, you should always follow your heart and do best & if you have your family support then nobody can stop you from achieving anything in life.

I didn’t tell about my channel on YouTube to my family, Because as I have mentioned earlier I come from a middle-class family, people wouldn’t appreciate or find it good. I used to hide it at the same time used to feel guilty about the same. But as you all know, in today’s world you can’t even hide in a room, when there is social media – a big platform to get noticed for your work.

One day my Dad asked me, “Aree tum youtube pe aati ho, you do fashion and lifestyle videos! He asked with lots of excitement & I answered it with a very low tone in my voice saying ‘yes’. I was so happy, overwhelmed and surprised when he appreciated my work with excitement & his exciting face excited me to be more consistent with my work & I got more confidence to do it well. Slowly my brother also got to know about this & he was also very happy for my work, he appreciated & helped me to make quality video and he shared my videos with friends to gain subscribers.

“I believe no matter what, you should always follow your heart and do best & if you have your family support then nobody can stop you from achieving anything in life. “

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.
– Albert Einstein

Now, I’m a designer, a you Tuber, a dancer & a store founder on Instagram, named as: RIRA CLOTHING & rira accessories. Doing all these things I always had support from my elder sister, she is my backbone, my adviser, my helper, my influencer, in short, my left hand.

NOTE: Please do visit to my stores on Instagram and if you want to purchase anything related to clothing & accessories then please do contact on email- [email protected]

Richa Raj

I’m Richa Raj, a Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger. I’m a big-time dance lover and a fashion enthusiast who believes style is an art and passion. A happy life leads to many great paths.

You all can reach out to me on: [email protected]


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