Happiness or being happy is our own ‘CHOICE’

Happiness or being happy is our own 'CHOICE',

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Happiness for me is something that can’t be described in it’s true sense, it is something you feel deep inside. It is a feeling of satisfaction and inner peace. Happiness according to me can be achieved in multiple ways.When you achieve some targets in your life, that contentment is happiness.

When you get a good job for yourself, that success is happiness. When you get your first salary and come home with gifts for your siblings and parents, that is happiness. Likewise, there are many ways to be happy.

When I play with my cute little dog before going to bed every night, that fun moment of us is happiness for me. When I spend time with myself and shop for myself or dress myself good, that moments bring happiness to me. When I hangout with my favourite people and we laugh on silly jokes and eat a lots and lots of food together, that ‘pals’ are my happy moments. When I cook for my parents on some days and also when I make them proud in any aspect, that smile on their face is happiness to me.

Only you are responsible to make yourself happy.

When I am shooting for my YouTube videos, that camera facing and reaching out to new people is happiness to me. When I gossip continuously with my best friend for hours, that is happiness.

Every person has a different perception of happiness. For some, happiness lies in small things and for some, it can be achieved only by doing something really big. But, in today’s world, most of the people are not happy. You know why?..Because no one is satisfied with what one has. Every person wants to taste the rice in other person’s plate. People nowadays tend to compare with others and hence, no one is happy. Comparison is fine if you want to achieve something big in life but don’t let it hinder your happiness.

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Don’t miss out the chances to be happy in following the rat race of comparison with others. It’s your life buddy. Make it a happening one. Be happy, be positive and you will achieve heights. Wipe out the negativity inside you that others will snatch away your happiness. No one can take away the right to be happy from you. Only you are responsible to make yourself happy. Other person’s opinion doesn’t matter at all in your journey. If you are unhappy, reason is ‘YOU’ and if you are happy, then also the reason is ‘YOU’.

Do whatever it takes to make you happy. If you love shopping, go for it. If you don’t have enough budget, set targets to achieve it. Plan for it. And one day when your hard work pays off, you will be the most happy. All you need is to have faith in yourself. If you love trekking, go make a plan. If you love food but body fat doesn’t allow you, start exercising today and follow a healthy routine and one day you will surely be more happy seeing yourself fit in your old jeans. There are multiple ways to be happy. You just need to find out your way and pave the path to it. Little things always matter in life. Big things take time then why don’t we find happiness in small things. These small small things one day will add up to a big thing and will be the source of immense happiness and joy for us. If you understand small things, you will never loose perspective in your life. If something is constantly making you unhappy, then it’s time to really question your journey and your life choices.

Last but not the least, Happiness lies in oneself and we are the source of our happiness and everything. Or I must say, Happiness or being happy is our own ‘CHOICE’ and is made by our decisions that we take in life 🙂

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