Make the best of Lockdown

Lockdown doesn’t mean that the mind cannot fly. You can do a lot of things by just being at home. There are days when we wish God to give us time to spend time with family. Now, this is the time we can spend with our loved ones & make them a priority.

I realized these days that I am much happier than before. It was earlier discouraging when I heard about the lockdown, but later I found out ways to keep myself busy & happy. I decided that I will explore myself in the days of Lockdown. The first change in the daily routine I did is, I started doing meditation. It really helps to keep you positive & keep you going. This is really relaxing and very helpful to feel good the whole day.

Slowly & eventually I firmly decided to work from home these days, I started finding out the suitable jobs for myself in LinkedIn. I was lucky enough that I completed my master’s degree before lockdown and passed with 84.1%

The only drawback is that in this situation I couldn’t move to a new city for work. But seeing the situation I decided to do what best I can do to keep myself positive, happy & busy at the same time. The best part is in exploring and improve yourself. I found out a very interesting website where I can solve the problems of students and work as a subject matter expert. It pays me well.

Though we are in lockdown our mind is always open and free.

Since I am a certified Jewelry Designer, my institute decided to teach us new things in the days of Lockdown. We had an interaction with our project guide & it went well. We interacted on an online platform. We should remember that though we are in lockdown our mind is always open and free. No one can take your intelligence, smartness & creativity, it’s always yours.

I recently participated in designing competition where I had to spread positivity through my design since the design is an expression of feelings. Art is within us which keeps us together whether it is designing, sketching, or cooking everything needs patience & creativity. I made a beautiful necklace which symbolizes ‘HOPE’, it indicates that though we are in this situation we all are united and have hope that things will get better sooner or later. You win or not but one must participate. Participation is very important. It teaches you a lot.

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Reading is a very good way to keep yourself busy & engaged. Reading interesting articles & blogs is a very good way to keep yourself busy in leisure hours. Everyone watches Netflix we should be selective while choosing what to see because what we see is what we perceive.
We can make interesting videos while being at home, we can educate people by being at home. Vlogging is as popular as blogging.

This point of time when there is Covid -19 Outbreak, God is testing us how strong we are and how strong can we be in any situation whether it’s good or bad. The mantra to stay happy is to be positive and goal-oriented.

Aishwarya Raj

Hi, I am Aishwarya Raj, I am an MBA, certified Jewelry Designer, very fashionable yet simple. I am a fashion blogger, my blog is basically based on personal style, fashion, and lifestyle.


Dream Quotes

The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it, and the perseverance to follow it.
— Kalpana Chawla


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