Life’s Dream Journey of Chitra as a Blogger

Life’s Dream Journey of Chitra as a Blogger,

“Life’s Dream Journey of Chitra as a Blogger”

Life is a journey with a meaning. In other words, it should have a purpose: a fruitful purpose. Lives must not be wasted. It should never be an empty dream.

With this belief, I began my own journey of life. Today, I am very happy to share my journey of life with you all. I wanted to make something very big in the area of digital marketing. I would like to tell you that the only sky is the limit as far as digital marketing is concerned.

Early Childhood & Struggles:

During my childhood, I was a very introvert kind of person. I would often hear people saying that being a girl or daughter is a burden to parents. Though, I never believed in it. I wanted to raise my voice against this age-old belief of the Indian society. But nobody was there to understand me properly because of my shy nature. On the other hand, I did not have lots of friends with whom I could share this.

Because of these all issues, I also went into depression for a brief period of time. But I came out of it with a firm decision to stand on my own feet to prove that being a woman or a daughter is not a burden to the parents. I finally decided to bravely cope up with all these issues and deal with the same.


I completed my graduation with Sociology Honors in 2012 and decided to do my Masters Degree in the same subject. Somehow, maybe I forget or for some other interest, I did not study law.

Passion for Writing & Blogging:

The time period when I was busy in studies my master classes, I somehow developed my interest in writing and blogging. Gradually, I launched my own blog site and started writing for it. Initially, it was very difficult for me to create my own blogs. But I overcame it by reading lots of different genres and niche articles. Somehow, I felt that meaty flow come in my writing.

I was lucky enough in this blogging field as after I started writing, I got some freelance writing projects, job and writing assignments.

Sometime, I would dream of becoming a lawyer. Sometime, I would think of turning a teacher.

Dreams in Adolescent Days

But let me tell you, I always wavered in choosing a career in my adolescent days. Sometime, I would dream of becoming a lawyer. Sometime, I would think of turning a teacher. Somehow or the other, I could not become either of them.


Eventually, I chose to become a Blogger or Writer so that I can have a wide spectrum to express myself and also give the opportunity to others to express themselves before the world.  This gave me a wonderful opportunity to understand the society in particular and the world as a whole.

Birth of The Checker News

On 2nd November 2016, I decided to start my own website  I started the website in the multi-niche as I thought readers wanted a variety of genre of news, features, blogs, and articles and my site is all about that.

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Now I’m a successful blogger from India and I owned my own blog which is global news portal and I publish all true, unbiased news and articles on my site which have nothing to do with assumptions, canards and rumor mongering. I run my website only on the basis of hard facts.

I also want to say thank you to all of you because you like my blog site and I hope in the coming days also you will like my site which is also very special for me.  

Chitra Chowdhury

I’m Chitra Chowdhury. I’m an experienced blogger and currently working in a digital marketing field. I love writing articles, blogs, making You Tube videos and inspiring others. At present, I’m working at the in its editorial department.

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