Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success

Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success,
Hi everyone!!
I’m Gargi shukla. I am a doctor and also working as a manager with Oriflame..
It’s a huge difference between my profession & passion… To become a doctor was my dream goal but working as a beauty consultant was my passion..
I believe in –
“Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying.”
Let’s talk about my journey. I was just 18 when i met Preeti Misra, she is director with oriflame. She changed my life; she’s the real motivator who encouraged me in every possible way. I joined oriflame and started working, so many people demotivate me but lot many support me as well. Oriflame changed my life and i’m working as a manager with oriflame.
Now I am 22, and I can proudly say oriflame made my life full of love, fun, gifts and many more things.

Just focus on your dream, you live for your own not for others..
Now it’s time to work hard both for my passion & profession. It’s hard to manage both but self- motivation & dedication helped me to manage both accurately.
My future goal is to be a successful doctor so that i can help sufferers & to achieve more & more level with ORIFLAME.
Just focus on your dream, you live for your own not for others..
My only motive is to make female self-dependent….nothing is hard for you, if you have confidence…
Either you a doctor, model, teacher, engineer etc etc.. you can do what actually u want side by side…it’s only a game of time management, enthusiasm,dedication. And never think of what people will say about you, your success will be the answer for all of them!!
All you’ve got to do is SPEND TIME FOR YOURSELF and comparing with others is the worst thing you could do to yourself…
So what are you waiting for start chasing your passion!!!
Love you all♥️
Start living your life in your own way..

Gargi Shukla

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