Your Weakness is your greatest strength,

Your Weakness is your greatest strength

I am Reena, fashion, beauty and travel blogger based in Delhi. I am Engineer by profession and blogger by passion. From my childhood, I’ve always wanted to travel around world meeting people of different cultures and religions. I am an extrovert by nature but due to some medical conditions, I am not allowed to travel alone and pursue adventures/activities like hiking, swimming, diving etc. I’ve always seen the concerned parents and they are trying their best to protect me at all costs whatsoever.

My medicines costs are so heavy that my siblings had to sacrifice their needs and because i wasn’t allowed to swim or travel, so they were also not allowed to do the same to make me feel equivalent to them. I never did a night-out or stayed at my friend’s place only because of this and so did they. Everyday was a struggle in my life as i was an extrovert who was forced to be introvert by doctors and my helpless parents made me do that. I wasn’t even allowed to share my issues with anyone else.

I have always believed in dreaming. I believe, if one doesn’t dream then how he’ll be able to achieve it one day.

In fact, for so long even I wasn’t aware what exactly I was suffering from. One fine day, I found my medical reports lying in my father’s cupboard and from there i did learn and from that very day i never stopped searching on google about it. One thing which i never stopped doing is “dreaming”. I never stopped “dreaming”. I wanted more from my life, I wanted to be the free soul who wants to experience every bit of life whether is happiness or sadness, struggle or success, ups and downs, every season, everything life has to offer. I have always believed in dreaming. I believe, if one doesn’t dream then how he’ll be able to achieve it one day. So, i made it my life goal to make “it” lose. I remember, when i was a kid, i used to remind myself “I can do anything, nothing can stop me if i wanna do it.”

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So, i thought of pursuing B.Tech and wanted to get out of my comfort zone, away from my hometown. but it wasn’t so easy for me. My father wanted us to study but my Uncle said to my father on my face ” Kya karega itna padha ke? 10th ke baad Arts dilvaio, BA kregi, fir iski shadi krdio ” This comment made me furious and now i wanted to pursue engineering no matter what to show him that what if i am a girl. A girl has every right to make her own career and to take up a decision to marry at whatever age she finds suitable to.

Thankfully, my parents were never like him and are a constant support. Above all, i wasn’t able to clear the entrance exams so i was left with no other option than pursuing my graduation from hometown only. But i didn’t lose hope, i tried to find other ways. One way was to get a job in an IT firm. So, my focus is on that only. And to my surprise by the end of my graduation, i had 3 offers and the job location for two of them was my hometown and for one only it was far away from my town. without giving any thoughts, i had joined the other one. At the age of 20, i was all set to move out and explore. There was this inner peace i had, peace of fulfilling a promise i made to myself.

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Now i am living away from my hometown from last 4 years, traveled across globe (alone), experienced various adventures like river rafting, solo trips, trekking etc. and i am perfectly healthy. Sometimes, i think if chosen a path my uncle suggested, what my life would have been? I would be married and dependent and would be struggling with lots of things.

I am doing my job only because i wanted to live my dream and my job helps me do it. That’s why i started my blog to make people aware of that no matter what you are struggling with, you can live your dreams if you have that will.

Advice to others:

There is nothing which you can’t do. Its just a matter of time and hard-work and most importantly your will to do it. Don’t let others decide your fate, not even your parents. Its only you who should decide for yourself. I have always thanked my medical conditions for what i am today and never made it my weakness. “Your weakness is your greatest strength.”

Reena Gupta

I am an engineer and blogger, with a passion to travel across the globe and meet people with different cultures and religions, understand them. I am an extrovert and little crazy. I believe in being myself and never to grow up, letting a child inside me still alive.


Dream Quotes

A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.
— Oscar Wilde


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