On A Dream Quest of Freedom,

On A Dream Quest of Freedom

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Today, we will know about a great dreamer from India who have taken traveling as a dream and a serious endeavor to feel the freedom in our short lifespan. Yes, we are talking about the Indian lady traveler Shubhra Mittal. Everybody of us has faced a phase in our life when we were just clueless about what exactly we want in our life. During then some small incidents helps us to discover our true interest.

Shubhra Mittal also was no exception in this regards. Before emerging as a traveler she was all set to become a doctor and she started studying to achieve that goal. But, as we all know that “Dream is where these heart is”, so she didn’t find it more interesting and kept changing her career options In that time, a strong trigger point came in Shubhra Mittal’s life too when she watched the movie “Into the Wild”. When she saw how amazingly a person is enjoying his full freedom in life without paying much attention to the restrictions incurred by society and its norms. The idea fascinated her and she discovered her utmost interest and passion is traveling as she was too eager to taste the freedom of our short lived lifespan.

It was nearly 1.5 years back when she felt that personal melt down. She quit her job and leave behind everything just to return back to India to start traveling. She believes “Being your true self” is the only one things that helps a person to achieve their dream. Apart from that movie there was many regular people around her. Some of their inspiring/unusual things done by them touched Shubhra’s heart and influenced her to live a life of traveller and live freely.

Being a women, it was always an issue to become a full-time traveler in India and sometimes she also had faced her parents who believed that be a traveler is not really a thing in India, women don’t travel in India like this and she can’t be a traveler. But it was she who stood by her dreams and her brother was her main support in this matter. In an interview she told that “My brother always supported me, he always had a faith in me that yes you can do this”. Her friends were also supportive to her.

She first started writing about her travel experiences in Quora and that earned her nearly 1.5 million views in her content though she don’t want to give the number more credence because she believes that delivering a meaningful content is way more important than counting the views and followers on social media. LinkedIn gave her the most serious audiences ever and in next week her interview is going to get published on LinkedIn.

Travelling for her is not like just seeing each and every places in one go. She just want to feel the charm and the vibe of a place. It can be a very regular place of any where she visiting if she felt the connection she loves to spend even few hours there. She loves the fact that you can be whatever you want. You can be yourself and you can be your true self & no one will judge you because you are traveling.

Traveling helped her to get a chance to get in touch and to explore different people and places all over the country. One of the incidents that she shared with us is, “There are lots of funny things happened in traveling; one such funny thing was when I was going through a Spiti, there was two and half hour of stretch and then I was just walking alone, there was no person in the sight. I saw a big truck coming from other side and I waved him, he stopped by. I asked him for water, because there was no water or food with me. So he just give me his bottle and asked me “Are you alone!”[Aap Akele Chale ho Kya!]. I said yes, with big laugh he said that I have never seen a girl 5 feet 1 inch going with a big bag and big boots just traveling alone; I’m glad that just met you. And he just went off, he just took his truck and went off without taking his bottle”.

Similar experiences she gathered during her “hitch hiking” which is mostly used terms by travelers when they take lift from a passer-by people in their vehicle to cover a certain distance in their way to travel in any particular place. Sometimes, they even share their personal stories with her and that’s no doubt an amazing experience for a trotter like her who wants to feel the vibe of a particular place properly during her visits.

Whenever she feels a picture from her last go out has a story behind it she loves to share it in social media and surprisingly she don’t believes having a costly camera and photography materials are obvious to capture the actual feel of any place/incident. These simple mobile photographs have earned some really exciting photography deals to her. Such she also broke another myth becoming a photographer is an expensive dream to pursue.

So just free yourself from the concept of this stupid society, cages and restrictions they are putting on you and just be whatever you wanted to be. Be Your True-Self

She wants to convey an influential message to all dreamer some of whom sometimes loss their focus or just got afraid of the orthodox social rules. She said, “Just never stop dreaming and if you really want to follow your dream you should because life is so small to live in a cage and do what other people want you to do. So just free yourself from the concept of this stupid society, cages and restrictions they are putting on you and just be whatever you wanted to be. Be Your True-Self”.

Some of the pictures from her amazing journey:

Now a days two of her TV interviews with local news channel in Rajasthan are queued to telecast just after the election. Apart from that, she is busy to give a shape to her next goal to start a new travel culture in India and in abroad to tell women and all of the dreamers of the world that whatever they want to be they can be. Like she have changed a lots of professions, she want to tell the world that they can do it too. So the bigger goal is to reach out to every single individual in the world and tell them yes they can do it.

So, Shubhra’s experience teaches all the dreamers to never call it a quit. The most important fact is every person should start working on their dreams once they realize it so that they can live their dreams. It is always a bliss to live a life one dreams of rather than passing each day with some boring compromise with society and others.

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