All you need is perseverance and self-belief

All you need is perseverance and self-belief,

Being a second and naughtiest in 3 sibling, my dream had a shelf life of 2 weeks, some days I wanted to be a teacher, some days a dancer. I had poor concentration and didn’t do well in studies but my other sibling were bright and were well appreciated both by teachers and my parents. I didn’t feel bad because I simply didn’t care. My life goals were not very serious to feel bad about not meeting them.

But slowly, the pressure, the school, my parents comparison starting dawning on me and I felt worthless, that’s when my shaky confidence took to all time low and my dreams to achieve something shattered. My father used to say that please just clear 10th and will put you in an open school for 12th and get you married when you turn 18. I cried, night after night asking God that why ME? Why did you make me so stupid?? If I was so useless then why was I born??

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Overnight, things changed only when I decided it has to change. It was time to shine bright, from a failure I became a topper in my 11th and 12th. My friends started approaching me to help them in studies; I remember, even when I passed school, I was called by my ex-teacher to teach the students as she was travelling for 2 months. I had not only started gaining respect but also got my confidence back.

Dreams and goals are not difficult to achieve, all you need is perseverance and self belief.

I enrolled in a good college in Delhi University, stood second in my course and simultaneously with college started learning French. My dream then was to become a french teacher, I got so involved and loved studying it. I remember studying in a library hour after hour and day after day, it became my passion. By that time, I had started working full time but continued studying and again magic happened, and I got a call asking me to come for an interview to teach French in a school; out of thousands of students, I was picked to teach at Mount St Marys, it was in the year 2005 and with my regular job in Human Resource, I started teaching.

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Once that dream was met, my goal in life changed to become an ASSOCIATE VICE PRESIDENT (AVP) in HUMAN RESOURCE. I was 22 years of age when I had announced that dream, I had no idea as to how will I achieve it but I kept working hard very hard. Cut to by the age of 30 years, I was the youngest AVP in the organization.

In a nutshell, my only suggestion to all of you whoever is reading this is NEVER GIVE UP, PEOPLE WILL PULL YOU DOWN, MAKE FUN AND DISCOURAGE YOU BUT NEVER SELF DOUBT.

Dreams and goals are not difficult to achieve, all you need is perseverance and self belief.

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The dreams and passions stored within hearts are powerful keys which can unlock a wealth of potential.
— John C. Maxwell


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