Believe in Hard Work and Consistency

Believe in Hard Work and Consistency,

“Sharing your thoughts is a step towards an egalitarian society.”
That is what the tagline of my website and I truly believed in it. My journey started when I was a kid and I decided to not lead the life which is been told. I wanted to be the someone that people remembers.

My main aim is to do something for the world, for myself. So I have completed my education from IIT ISM DHANBAD and currently doing job in Infosys. And yeah that’s it, now I wanna follow my dreams. No MBA, no further studies. I am independent and can at least give a try to my dreams.

So after college in 2017, I had 6 months free before joining date of Infosys. So I utilized and started my blog on WordPress. Basically you can start for free also. My blog basically it is a website that provides content on fashion, lifestyle, motivation, travel, weddings etc.
I just started because I love writing. Also I want to share my thoughts that visit my brain daily.

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After that in 2018, my blog got a straightaway break of 6 months due to my training in Mysore Infosys. And when I located to Pune for full time job, then my real journey started. I utilized my free time in blogging.

Believe in Hard Work and Consistency.

It is never been easy but I take it as a challenge and try to overcome by myself. Now the Domain Authority of my website is 12 which I made from scratch (0). I had done 50+ collaborations and guest posts. It is part time thing. But I love it, at least I don’t have to gossip or play addictive games to kill that extra time.

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I treat my website as my baby and it is growing day by day. Internet has helped me a lot. Also I am a freelance writer. The maximum (or pretty much everything) I have learned in my life is from internet only. I learned digital marketing, practice grammar, everything that is needed for my website.

Blogging is not my full time job so I didn’t get much support for it. But my friends know about it and always encourage me to go further. I am happy in my zone as who knows I may turn into full time blogger one day.

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My goal is to create a community of positive thinkers. Make sure to check my content and follow my journey on Instagram- boldblushblog.

Krati Agarwal

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Dream Quotes

The dreams and passions stored within hearts are powerful keys which can unlock a wealth of potential.
— John C. Maxwell


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