Girl with million dreams

Girl with million dreams,

If You Want To Fly High, Give Up Everything That Weighs You Down!!!
Life is easy but not for them who dream Big, I learned this from biggest teacher “LIFE”!
HOW, would like to share with you all reading this blog. Born in small town of Maharashtra, blessed with the best parents: super active Mother & completely ideal Father with full of positivity in his personality ( more I explain them, less would be my words). Small school, no fancy things, I was away from urban life and all attractions of life which will distract me from my goals of life.

“Girl with million dreams in eyes, in my mind & in my heart too”

From childhood only, participating, experiencing new things, learning, listening was developing in me. These things helped me a lot to go closer to fulfill my dreams but-

“ Life can’t be on your path, you have to be on Life’s path “.

That time I learned that whenever you give your 100% to achieve something in life what you wish, it’s not necessary that you will succeed in it because to achieve your dreams you have to suffer maximum of your capacity and more than that!

Keep patience. Everything is happening for a reason, Trust the timing of your Life.

When I was unable to achieve my target of getting selected in IIT institute, I accepted things positively and welcomed new phase of my journey. I got good college for my degree in computer engineering, but I was not satisfied with what I was learning, so I thought to convert my hobby(designing) into profession, so while studying engineering, started learning designing practically. When completed my engineering, started apparel designing, my own brand but life was making me tough by putting difficulties in my path. I also thought, why its happening with me? Why I am unable to reach there? Why with me?…………….etc. etc.

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Once you fail, not necessarily you will succeed next time, you might fail again but trust me still be positive and try hard…keep on working. Being happy is also very important in success journey, why to spoil present for future. Just live in present and keep smiling, all good things will come to your way.

Now when I see back, I laugh and say, “Keep patience. Everything is happening for a reason, Trust the timing of your Life”. Today I am successful Businesswoman, Graphologist & now trying to be successful blogger. Always with lots of dreams in my open eyes, happiness in my heart & positive energy in my personality!

So Keep Dreaming, Try Achieving, Most important Keep Smiling!

Surbhi DY Agarwal

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