Dreams, Goal and Achievement doesn’t have an expiry date

Dreams, Goal and Achievement doesn’t have an expiry date,

A passionate explorer, art lover, and learner by heart. It is very much true that our life experiences, challenges and changes a lot for both good and bad. If I look back at how far I have reached and changed I have no idea, because the person whom I witness now isn’t the person I was in my school days. A very much introvert person, use to mingle with my close friends hardly I use to take-up initiative regarding any matter related to my school activities. I was very much interested in social servicing and artwork related events which I use to participate much. I’m a person where I value, respect and care, my family, especially my mother a lot. Personally, I’m a sought of family-oriented person; because whatever decisions I take personally sometimes turn out to be worse, which breaks my confidence down the lane. After which I had decided foremost to consult and take opinion from my mother regarding the work I wish to do.

To choose the correct path of education, after schooling is very much necessary; my mother knew very well that I have no interest in commerce and science; So, she suggested me to pursue my degree in art, where very much open-heartedly I accepted the decision and had believed that she had taken the right choice about my career. My college life was my biggest turning point because I could find a new person/ human being in myself, where my character, attitude had changed and molded me into a better confident person. To take up initiatives, to explore myself in all phases of life, to be confident enough, to do my work and submit on time, Accept the mistakes which are being committed because as a human being we always learn from our blunders. So many valuable insights I could gain and learn a lot from my college days. I had attended varied internship during my degree life, one such unforgettable memories are ‘Bangalore Mirror’ internship as truly I could explore my city as a whole. In totality, a sought of the good experience I had in the organization which even fascinated me to study more about the Journalism subject.

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In my life, to a certain extent I’m very much stubborn that is when I took a decision for myself and decided to study further and pursue my post-graduation in journalism. Actually, my mother wanted me to take up teaching course. But I wasn’t that much interested and, in my family, most of their educational background is commerce and engineer so I decided to choose up a different field. I deep-dived a lot practically and theoretically into the subject of journalism. Initial time of my PG days was quite challenging and difficult which I didn’t expect it. One point of time, even my mother asked or suggested me is there any chance to shift to any other stream? But I remain to go forward with my choice of career. Through the course of time, I could understand some of my new skill like graphic design, photography and If I even improve my writing skill, I think I could even be a good writer too with this aim in mind I started a new blogging website namely- ‘New Waves’ where I posted different articles, photography, video etc. Gradually, it fascinated me to write much more and know about the importance of blogging.

At each stage of life, we practice and learn a lot which makes us much stronger to lead our future life.

It is pretty much normal after post-graduation what is your plans? Where are you working? are some of the questions that everyone asks you. I wished to kick-start my career life in the field of journalism. Immediately, after my post-graduation due to personal reasons, I had to take a break. Emotionally & Mentally, it was a very tough time for me & my family whereas support and pillar of strength I stood by their side. After some months when everything was back to normal, I was quite confused and a little bit depressed from where I should start my life. Seriously, I didn’t want to just settle down myself at home I wanted to set a good career life and try my hands out in different new expedition. That is how I got to know about the booming industry digital marketing, As I am a digital enthusiast, I thought I should know about it much more. In my mind, I had a lot of confusion, worries etc. like whether it would work out? Am I taking a correct decision? When my mother was also supportive enough in choosing the course.

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Without any doubt, I started to walk a front. The course of time, I knew I had god hold in art and graphic design subject. (as a part of the course) I started a fresh blogging website called ‘Artistik Waves’. where I post different types of content like article, pencil sketch, graphic design, and video content. I seriously didn’t have any idea of how social media blogging works; with help of digital marketing course, I even developed social media optimization skill- as the content I post in my Facebook page is having a pretty good reach and engagement in the post, which motivates me to explore and create more content in my website.

Like any other common middle-class girl, I also had a dream to become a doctor, engineer, architect etc. Though I can’t fully express myself as a journalist. Still, I am confident that I chose the right field in my life. In this present generation, women are much more independent and self-confident in life. I also desire and dream to be like that. Practically, I try to implement it in a certain situation of my life. Sometimes I end up to be a failure in it. Still, I wake up with a call that life must go on. Because at each stage of life, we practice and learn a lot which makes us much stronger to lead our future life.

Dreams, Goal and Achievement doesn’t have an expiry date start-decide and conquer your journey with utmost confidence.

Sheetal Prakash

Explorer-Learner-Artistik Lover by Heart..!!

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