You define your own life

You define your own life,

Hi everyone!

I’m Garima, a Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger and a to be Mathematics graduate. Well, I know it’s hard to believe that a mathematics student is interested into fashion and make-up, as mathematics is a really tough course. But, to be honest, I always had an interest into fashion styling and make up ever since I was a kid. When the fetish of applying those red lipsticks and draping mom’s sarees in front of the mirror turned into passion, I never knew.

When I was in the middle of the second year of my college, I found a really passionate and a creative person inside me who wanted to make blogging as a full-time career. I researched for about six months and made up my mind that this is what I’m going to do and this is where my heart is. I dotted down lots of content ideas for my blog that I wanted to put up. I was ready in my mind, I was ready with my content, I knew what I wanted to do but the constant question was when do I do it! When is the right time! For about two months I contemplated a lot on this and the only fear that I had in my mind was ‘Log Kya kahenge’, people in my college will make fun of me if I didn’t do well.

Do not ever think what other people will think. Find your passion, work on it, take risks.

The one thing that I want to tell all those people who want to make into something big is that do not ever think what other people will think. Find your passion, work on it, take risks. You define your own life. After contemplating a lot, I dropped down my very first blog post on 11th July, 2018. It was not my birthday, it was not my lucky day, I was just sitting at my home and I posted it. There is no right time for anything, the time you start doing it, becomes the right time.

It’s been more than five months that I started my blog and I am not a perfect person to give lessons on it. I am still learning, I am learning each day. I had thought that, that I will give myself and my blog a time of three months, if I can do well in three months and if I find my constant balance with it, I will continue doing it and if I have to struggle with my content and if I have to contemplate each day whether I should do it or not, then I will definitely stop it right there. But ever since I started, I never looked back. Each day I am thankful that I found my passion. I feel very happy and satisfied by saying that I want to make it as a full time career.

Blogging is not easy as it looks like. You have to be consistent, you have to produce good content always. There are times when I just lost ideas what should I post for my next blog. Sometimes you do well, sometimes you don’t. You have to have a thick skin to be in this industry. People will throw a lot of hate on you and there will be people who will appreciate you and love you for who you are.

I used to look at bloggers and always see that the are collaborating with so many big brands and producing content for them. I always looked at them and thought that I will also produce content for these big brands one day and I feel so happy by saying that in these 6 months, I have worked with 5 big brands that I always wanted to work with. This constant passion and urge to grow more always makes me focus on my goal and makes me work hard for it. There is a lot that I want to achieve.

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Also, I want to say one thing that ‘Never lose Hopes’. If it is not happening in one try, try again. Try until you make it happen. If it doesn’t happen in five tries, it will happen in the sixth try but never lose hope and never forget to work hard. Nothing comes served in a plate, you have to work hard and one day it shall come to you.

Lastly, I want to say that always believe in yourself. There’s nothing that you can not achieve. You doesn’t necessarily have to be full of talent to be a successful person. Hard work always beats talent. What if you have talent and you’re not working hard for it and what if you have less talent and you’re working very hard for it. Success always comes to those who work hard. So, never stop working hard and one day success will definitely come to you.

Thank you! 🙂

Garima Kamboj

I’m Garima Kamboj, a Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger. I’m a big time makeup lover and a fashion enthusiast who believes makeup & style are art forms. I believe in living a happy and a positive life. However, in my blog you will find a few things sure to please everyone.

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