Life is that teaches you the lesson “Patience”

Life is that teaches you the lesson "Patience",


I am Sanskruti, I am a beauty blogger as well as a YouTuber. I do videos related to beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Like everyone I really want to fulfill my dream to be a successful YouTuber. Basically I am a student and studying as bachelor of arts in English. My life is just like anyone in this earth with lots of highs and lows and till cope with them makes me really difficult. My only aim to fulfill my dream with completing my education fully, so that I can achieve the goal on that stage of my life.

The perfect quotes that I always in be is- Life is that teaches you the lesson “patience”.

Life, a one word that gives so many sentence, so many thoughts and so many imagination and also numbers to calculate every second that exists in this one word,Life. When we think about the life,it seems like it’s a long bus where everyone have to travel but in reality it is so short that one cannot imagine.

The main topic is that, a small element in this universe also define itself having this life.It sounds something like poetry but it’s a long drama. And so as mine, with a life. If I begin to describe my world ,my life journey till now it will take a long book of several pages to describe it with lots of suspense and with no conclusions. I got everything that any human being get through this life but, somehow some important parts just fade away so quickly that makes my colorful world to a piece of white color paper. When I close my eyes,I myself also can’t imagine how my life take me to a stage where I only have to be in my patience like every living being in the world, I also don’t have a perfect ten on ten lifestyle. It goes through happiness, sadness, tragedy,comic etc; But mostly of patience.

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There were some days on my life journey where I can’t even tolerate my existence in this world and wanted almost to loose myself but my soul always gave the treasure of keep the patience with me. We suffer from so many conscious and unconscious mind that attracts us to evil and also to good path and so many ups and downs in our way. But loosing confidence and loosing the control over yourself is just not the conclusion of this life. Controlling is what a subplot of having patience. And patience that teaches us so many chapters to live this life.

If anything bad happens then there is also good to be happen then.

There are many ways of this life but each person only gets a one type, we should not to be afraid about it but to live it, to travel this through the self-control and make it a patience full. There is a saying,if anything bad happens then there is also good to be happen then. And I think that’s what patience teaches us and what we learn.

Everyone should learn this lesson of the life, that will help to achieve your goals, your right path,your dream to fulfill it and to make a place in the universe only of your name.

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