Turning passion into reality

Turning passion into reality,

Yes, I listened to my heart and today I am an Image Consultant, a Stylist and a Communication Trainer. The journey from being a Chartered Accountant and handling family business, to jumping into this crazy world has been really mesmerising.
After completing my Chartered Accountancy, I worked in finance field for around 6 years. But the years were not adding value to my life, I felt. So, decided to pursue something where I can add value to the people around me and myself.

That is how I ended up being an Image consultant, stylist, personal brand strategist and a soft skills trainer. I have always found Styling, adding that extra bit, my go-to weapon. The feel of looking good, and dressing up to my best, have always brought that momentum in my work. And, I am known for this.

It is said, people don’t remember what you said, but remember how you made them feel. And this you can do by looking good and feeling good. Feeling good is when you have a self-confidence and know who you are and what you speak about.

For me, Style is YOU, the internal you which is echoed outside. Style should be unique to you. At Portraiture, we strive to help my clients, find their unique style and flaunt it.

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That is the story and vision of Portraiture. To help people realise their true value with confidence, self-actualisation and then portraying the same in in style to the world.

Mine is a very personalised and skill-based service.
I provide the following services at Portraiture –
1) Image management – I cater to individual and groups to help them understand what the appropriate lines, shapes, colours and patterns one should wear according to their role and goal. From styling for individual occasion, to learning overall dressing. I have clients from professionals, entrepreneurs, homemakers, students and corporate.
2) Styling – I style people for occasions like Beauty pageant, corporate event, photoshoots and wedding.
3) Personal brand building – I work with top professionals and entrepreneurs to work on their presence and creating an impact on the corporate world. In this competitive world they really need to create a unique brand for themselves.
4) Soft skills training – this includes topics like communication, confidence building, public speaking, leadership, team building, interview skills, business etiquette, etc. I cater to corporate, individuals, schools and colleges for these topics.

Each work and each client are special for me. However small the work might be, I give all my efforts and attention to details. This has really helped me with learning with each client and also build healthy relations with each to get future references for work. No work is small. Remember. So, whenever I attend to my clients, I make it a point to note down each step and my learnings. Also, the improvements I can make in my next one.

You are worth achieving all your dreams. Just believe in it.

During my initial days of training, there was a batch of 60 Chartered Accountants. The batch become uncontrollable by me. That day I learnt methods to have a firmer approach, tricks to handle such crowd. I remember calling my husband, also a trainer, and almost bursting into tears. He calmed me down and gave me ideas to engage the crowd. This also taught me to ask for help, people get you through tough situations.

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I believe hard work, focus, perseverance and passion are the key to your success. The more focused you are to your goals; the path will become clearer. And if you feel the path is becoming blurry, find other ways to clear it out but do not change your dreams. You are worth achieving all your dreams. Just believe in it.

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, do not adjust the goals, adjust your action steps.” –Confucius

I live by my passion each day. Always on my toes, I can dance even without music, and that is the amount of energy and enthusiasm I want to live with forever. I am always eager to learn more, to learn something new, and nothing could have been better than styling and trainings.
I believe you should keep learning, innovating and finding your inner self. This is a never-ending process.

One who stops discovering, dies. So discover the world, knowledge and yourself, and you will always feel alive and happy.

Parinita Agarwal

Passionate about Adding Value to peoples life.
My name is CA Parinita Adukia.
Starting my company Portraiture, I want to make people realize their true value, work on their outer and inner self, and help them portray their best Image. I help people Style themselves and help them discover that Styling is not only about what you wear, but how you wear, how you feel about it and about yourself in that outfit.

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