Have self-belief and follow your heart

Have self-belief and follow your heart,

The journey started when I was working as an actor for a theatre production. We luckily got a chance to explore every corner of India as we performed. Gaining knowledge of the Culture, food and the way of living in every State was worth while Travelling. This encouraged me to start up my Youtube Channel writing blogs about what i experienced and so on. If you work hard on your content it will definitely pay off and will help you getting more exposure.

I believe on Quality rather than Quantity. I want my work to Talk, not me.

So far luckily have collaborated with more than 15 resorts/properties and it motivates me when you deliver good results and clients are happy. By 2021 I want to see myself on the top 10 travellers list. Food blogs are also a good option but newbies have entered and just write 4-5 lines in exchange of free food due to which marketing agencies have stopped paying genuine bloggers. There are some agencies who work as a middle man, charges 4-5k per blogger from the restaurant owners and end up paying us nothing by using the term “Barter”. So, I believe on Quality rather than Quantity. I want my work to Talk, not me. If you really work hard you need not do work for free or barter as it will manipulate others too.

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Also feeling good as today most of the people have quit watching Television, rather end up watching a web-series, instagram or facebook for hours. Also there are some who made it big on social platforms by posting a viral content. We definitely have a scope in coming years and obviously major good opportunities ahead. I want new bloggers & people who want to join this industry to have a self-belief and follow their heart. If you work harder, you can make this a full time career out of it. If you have any talent, use the power of social-media, when people will notice your work you will automatically get work directly or via recommendations.

India is already one of the top countries in the world when it comes to using internet. I am trying to grow day-by-day and learn new things which would benefit me in my long journey. I try to watch and observe more and more things closely which helps me boost confidence. I would also advice Not to copy other bloggers, make your own version/style for which you would be known. If you copy others there would be no difference. Make your own niche and let people know you what actually you excel in. A lot of competition is on so play safely.

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An extreme love I had found as I sensed and lived the life of a Traveller during those days. So, even today I click pictures and shoot creative and memorable moments which will last forever. Suddenly you bump out into any creature/animal or a best halt you take at a peak of mountains or some never seen roads before is what makes me happy. I prefer travelling the world if you choose to say Money is important. The things & the culture in India, when you breathe & see things Differently with an eternal love for Food which is an icing on the Cake.From Kerela’s South Indian Food, the Mahaprasad served inside Jagganath Puri temple to Kolkata’s famous Mishti Doi I would admit India is indeed one of the sole destination for every Foodies Dream. But that’s not enough, as we start growing we dream to cover & explore things Globally.

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