Let your dream be bigger than your fear

Let your dream be bigger than your fear,
Getting a job is my dream & becoming a blogger is my passion.In life nothing comes easy. The struggle I faced to get a job made me strong enough & taught me a lesson for life. Being a blogger  showed me what happiness is. By doing the things you love & by achieving the dreams you have, life will become  a blessing.
When I look back to my childhood, I remind myself as a shy girl enjoying her life at a full extent by seeing happiness in little things.I still remember one incident happened during my fourth standard: My dad bought a new cycle for my brother and one day he fell down during practice. Since then my dad kept that cycle inside our house and didn’t allow us to ride. I love riding bicycle and I wanted to go to school on that. But I didn’t know how to ride. Daily after returning from school & when my dad wasn’t at home, I took bicycle and started to learn riding on my own. I fell down few times but I didn’t stop riding. Within a week I learned to ride.

I showed to my mom & dad that I can ride 😊. I felt so happy when I went to school on bicycle. Later, I helped my brother to learn. If I want something, I will try very hard to achieve that and won’t let that off my mind. My mom always tell me about value of education and how having a job in present world is important. She has guided me to build my career.

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I always aspired for an IT job & my parents were eagerly waiting for that moment with me. After completing graduation in 2014, I started my job hunt. I relocated to Bangalore & applied for number of jobs. It was recession time with heavy competition. I wrote various exams like amcat, elitmus but there was no use. To enhance my knowledge i joined a course and at the same time attended multiple interviews. For some I didn’t clear written test and for some didn’t clear the technical round and if everything was done perfectly then there was no reply from HR. After six months, I came back to my home town. All of my friends got placed in big companies,  so many posted on facebook that they started working in MNC’s. I felt depressed & sad for not getting a job. Later to check my luck, I went to hyderabad for job hunting.
In February 2015, I attended an interview for a recommended position. I was in dilemma with loads of negativity in my mind. They conducted written test which I felt was Ok. After some time, one person came & interviewed me. He said that I didn’t clear the written & I was unfit for the job. On top of that he commented that I didn’t have knowledge at all. I felt low and called my mom & cried a lot. I said to her that I will never get a job since I forgot everything &  became dumb.
I returned to my home & stopped attending interviews. I felt depressed & put on loads of weight. My periods became irregular & I was diagnosed with PCOD (hormonal imbalance). Within a year my life changed a lot. I deactivated facebook, stopped talking to my friends, limited my social zone. I suffered with lot of anxiety & depression. My brother suggested me to pursue post graduation. I wrote the entrance test and got seat in good college. I think it was not my path and I was not interested. Many people laughed at me for my choice. My relatives suggested to get married instead of higher studies.
I said no for marriage and started a new life with a hope. Firstly, I concentrated on my health and  switched to a healthy lifestyle which included yoga & exercise into my routine. Stopped thinking about failure and learned that it is not the end of life. I overcame anxiety & depression and lost 10 kgs within four months. After completing my first year, I changed into a whole new person, an ambitious one with much more confidence & learned a lot from the past.
In M.Tech second year, I got pressure from my family to get married. I told my father that first I have to get a job & wanted to live independently and then I will do whatever they say. Both of my parents convinced that it was the right time for marriage. He said my career will not end after marriage & suggested to  choose a person who allows you to do job after marriage. Few months later I got a match, they wanted me to work after marriage. And I was positive for that. So, during my second year I got married. Later I continued to study & completed my post graduation.
Nothing is a hurdle to your goal, just work hard without thinking about result.
Thereafter I shifted to my in-law’s place and started searching for a job. This time I applied for both professor & IT jobs. The result was as usual . In addition to my pressure, I got conceived after few months. I thought it was end of my career. My mom encouraged me that nothing will happen to my career,  just follow the path that god showed. I attended interviews as usually until my eighth month. Some companies offered job with two years bond & some with very low salary. I rejected those jobs. And later went to my mother’s place for delivery. At that time, I was very eager to start a blog but I was not confident enough. I thought since I didn’t have a job, I can’t start a blog. My mom scolded me that having a job is not the only thing in life, you can do anything that makes you happy.
So, then my blog “Perfect Essence Of Life” started on December 18 ,2017. I  started sharing recipes & motivational stories. Many people felt that I was doing all these things because I have nothing to do. But blogging is my passion from long time. Giving birth to my baby showed me the power of women. I suffered with lots of post partum depression but I overcame it. I started my full- fledged preparation for job when my baby turned six months old. My friends suggested me to be at home & many other commented that I won’t get a job. I was unsatisfied but there was a little bit hope inside me. I put sincere efforts in my work without any fault and had small ray of hope still left.
One day I saw a message in whatsapp that TCS was hiring freshers. As a 2017  M.Tech passout, I applied for the job & got my hall ticket. I knew that this is last chance I have to prove myself what I am. I prepared hard with sleepless nights. I cleared written test & got my interview date. Studying with baby was a toughest task. I never forget the support I got from my in-laws & family.  I used to study during nights after my baby slept. My husband helped me a lot for the preparation. He motivated me whenever I was low. I felt that it was the best chance to prove. All I needed was confidence. Technical round went well and I answered almost all questions. HR person was impressed with my profile. He said that “You faced three triggers in life,  you can stop searching for a job after B.Tech but you didn’t, after marriage you could have stopped your studies but you completed and finally after giving birth, many people want to quit career but again you are trying to start a career with confidence. I really appreciate your desire”. Later he said that I have lack of knowledge in new technologies due to break and suggested me to learn them now as it is a great opportunity.
I know that he was impressed but I was confused whether I would select or not. After four tough days, I got  a mail regarding my offer letter in TCS. I just can’t explain the happiness in words. Finally I achieved my dream. Months later, after my initial training program, I met my panel HR at office. He recognized me and spoke. Before leaving he gave a smile with a firm shake hand &  said all the best to my future. I felt so happy.
Now I am a mom dealing with 9 to 5 job, balancing my work & personal life. Nothing is a hurdle to your goal, just work hard without thinking about result. If you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything. My blog is all about reality & positivity, daily challenges I face, mom + work life and cooking recipes. I share things regarding my pregnancy, pcos,  fitness & so many positive things to deal with regular life. I got a lot of DM’s that they are inspired from my posts.
I feel so proud to say that I am a mom, an employee & a blogger. Nothing is impossible in life. There is always a way to reach your goal, you just have to find a way out; That’s it. Never stop believing in yourself.

Praneetha Srikanth

I am Praneetha Srikanth from India. I have passion for writing, fitness & cooking. My blog "Perfect essence of life" is all about health and wellness, mommy lifestyle, cuisine and all the things you need to lead a perfect life. I would like to share different things like PCOS, pregnancy, motivational ideas, tips to balance mom +work life.

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